What is the New Features iOS 13 Beta

Apple iOS 13 basic features remain the same as Apple iOS 12, no big changes. But in fact, there are hidden feature upgrades. App running to interactive, Siri communication, photos, keyboards, reminders, etc., all updated with iOS 13 release date 2019.

We made a summary of iPhone iOS 13 new features, you can get a more systematic understanding of the most important changes in Apple iOS 13.

1. IOS 13 Dark Mode

There is no doubt that the first thing you see in the Apple iOS 13 beta is the dark mode. Dark mode is fully integrated with Apple's iOS 13, and the system interface, system program page, keyboard, and Animoji background are displayed in black background.

The dark mode can be turned on in "Settings - Display" or quickly turned on or off in the control center. In addition, you can set the dark mode to turn on and off at specific times or according to sunrise and sunset.

ios 13 dark mode

From a planning, the dark mode plays a role in comfort reading in a dark environment, mitigating eye strain on the screen for a long time, and highlighting some content and saving power for iPhone screens.

2. IOS 13 System enhancements

File system and health systems, you may not be able to open these two native apps, but they are to make Apple iOS ecosystem closer to the work and life.

File system IOS 13: It can access files on the U disk, SD card or hard disk, can connect to the office file server or home PC through SMB. You can be created on the local hard disk Folders and add your favorite files. You can also find the various files you downloaded here and compress and unzip them.

3. Apple iOS13 health system has added several features

1. Period Tracker - this is not a simple date tracking is so simple, but also includes physiological period prediction and notification, pregnancy window prediction and notification, for most female users should be a caring function.

2. If you have an Apple Watch, you can perform noise detection. On the iPhone, you will track the audiogram from the hearing test, so that you can further care about your hearing health.

3. Apple iOS 13 also prepared an oral health reminder for you to track your brushing habits.

ios 13 health system

iOS 13 Major Functions:

The first is cameras and photos update

In the Apple iOS 13 camera, Apple added light intensity control and monochrome effects to the portrait mode to make the photos more beautiful.Apple iOS 13 native photos have now become the most powerful photo management +editing tool on the iPhone, artificial intelligence machine learning to help you organize photos, video types, and automatically show the most exciting parts.

Followed by map

Apple Maps has updated features such as intersection views, real-time transit, common locations, collections, and sharing of ETA. The new map has been rebuilt completely, details of roads, beaches, parks and buildings have been significantly enhanced and more vivid. Before you arrive at your destination, explore the immersive 3D perspective and enjoy the 360-degree view of where you are going.

ios 13 map

It provides bus schedules, arrival times, line sites and system transfer information. There are also an iOS 13 hidden features that is flight dynamics,allowing users to view the latest information on the terminal, boarding gate location, departure time and more.

4. IOS 13 Siri update

Apple iOS 13 Siri now lets you play music, podcasts, audio books, and broadcasts through third-party apps, as well as read information. Siri shortcuts have also become more efficient and more colloquial, allowing us to communicate with the App in a conversational format. Users will have better control their devices by adding voice commands.

iOS 13 voice control commands allow users who may not need to take a phone or keyboard input a lot of things. This includes opening and navigating apps, typing, and even tapping, zooming and swiping.

ios 13 siri update

After updating the IOS 13, you will be more willing to talk to Siri andlet it manage your daily routine.

5. IOS 13 performance improvements

The app starts faster - there is 2 times improvement in app launch speed, knowing that it's based on the excellent responsiveness of iOS 12. After updating iOS 13, running speed will not be a big problem at on the iPhone.

The faster face ID unlocks - iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR unlock up to 30% faster.

App downloads and updates take up less capacity – starting in the fall,apps in the App Store will be packaged in new ways, reducing the footprint by up to half. The capacity consumed by App updates will be reduced by an average of 60%.

Optimized battery charging - iPhone will use the device-side machine learning technology to learn your charging habits, first charge more than 80%of the power and then wait until you want to use it. Delays battery aging by reducing the time it takes for the iPhone to fully charge.

6. iOS13 release date for public

June 3rd: iOS 13 beta 1 and first attention to WWDC

June 17th: iOS 13 beta 2 is available for developers

June 24th: iOS 13 public beta for testers

July 3rd: iOS 13 Developer Beta 3 add some new features

July 8th: iOS 13 public beta 2 release date

Early September 2019: iOS 13 Golden Master (final development beta)

Mid-September 2019: iOS 13 may launch a new 2019 iPhone

7. iOS 13 supported compatible devices

iOS 13 requires iPhone 6S or newer, iPad Air 2 or newer, new iPad mini 4 and iPhone SE

It does not apply to older devices that support iOS 12: iPhone 5S,iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and mini 3.

ios 13 compatible devices

Apple iOS 13 update features, font usage, slider to input, Apple ID login, Animoji emoticons, reminders, AirPods audio sharing and more. You can find some interesting change when you open IOS 13 or even a change in the icon and it will make a perfect experience.

Compared with iOS11 and iOS12, Apple's iOS 13 has greatly satisfied our curiosity. Apple's iOS 13 is more fun to change. You have already discovered most amazing top new features iOS 13, so share with us in the comments.

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