How to Solve Forgot the Restrictions Passcode


People who have ever used iPhone know that there is a function for Locked iPhone's Restrictions settings. Well, Enable Restrictions can turn off some cellphone functions, such as App Store, Siri, Safari and so on. Sometimes you may forget your restrictions passcode,this situation above may take a problem to you. So, this article is designed to help you to reset restriction password on iphone and ipad.

forgot iphone restrictions passcode

Solution 1:

First 1: Back up Your Cellphone Data

It is impossible to recover your iPhone restrictions passcode when you forget it. If you can't think of your restrictions password, what you can do is to restore your mobile phone. But, you need to back up your cellphone's data before restoring your device, or the data such as address list, photos and message record will be lost. So, firstly you should turn on iTunes on the computer or laptop, then connect your iPhone to the computer and tap Settings-iCloud-Backup in turn.

icloud backup

Second 2: Restore to  Reset Restrictions Passcode

Before restoring your iPhone, make sure that "Find My iPhone" in the function setting "iCloud" is turned off.

2.1 After turning off "Find My iPhone", connect your device into computer and turn on iTunes then tap "Restore iPhone", then you will get a message's window showing that "Backup" or "Not Backup", tap "Not Backup" (Because you have backed up your data before).

2.2 Next, Click Restore again to confirm. Then your iPhone will be restored to factory settings and iTunes will erase your iPhone's data.

restore iphone

According to the message window, tap "Continue" or "Next Step", the IOS system will be the condition of updating.

Third 3: Recover the data you backed up before

When your iPhone has been restored to factory settings, you just need to recover the backup data. Find "Backup Recover" on iTunes, and finish the operation according to the tips of message window.

Restrictions Passcode is still needed for restoring iPhone into factory settings. If you forgot the restrictions password on iPhone 7, your device cannot be restored to factory settings. So, tap "Settings"   "General " "Reset" in turn. We will find that we not only need Lock Screen Password but also need restrictions passcode to turn on "Rest All Settings" and "Erase All Content and Settings".

As the picture shows below:

reset all settings

Solution 2:Fix Forgotten to Restrictions Password with Tool

There is another way to reset restrictions password when you forgot it. You are able to use dr.fone - Erase(iOS) to entirely erase your cellphone containing the restriction password, then you can restore your iPhone data by means of the above method tool. Don’t forget to keep a backup of your device before you do it.

dr.fone Erase

The way of erasing your iPhone for clearing the restrictions password:

Step 1: Download dr.fone, install and run it on your computer, you will see a "dash board", then choose Erase from the function.

install dr.fone

Step 2: Make your iPhone be connected to the computer. When your iPhone is detected by the problem, select 'Erase Full Data'.

connect to dr.fone

Step 3: Tap the "Erase" button to start erasing your iPhone permanently.

erasing iphone permanently

Step 4: As the device will be erased entirely and nothing can be recovered from the phone, you need to confirm.

erase device

Step 5: When erasing starts, please keep your cellphone connected, and the process will be finished soon.

Step 6: After completing the data erasure, a window will be showed to you.

completing the data erasure

Step 7: All your data is wiped now from your iPhone. You are capable of setting up your iPhone in whatever ways you like containing a new "Restrictions Password".

Forgetting iPhone passcode can happen to anyone, especially if these are settings that you don't change regularly. Don't need to benervous when you forget the Restrictions password in iOS, there will always be a way to solve the problems encountered by your mobile phone. Welcome visit blog of phone GEMWON ,it will help you Solve iPhone problems such as Fix iPhone7 Reboot Loop.

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