How to Fix an iPad Touch Screen not Working

Many Apple users have experienced iPad keeps freezing on screen and iPad touch screen not responding to any operations. But don't worry, we have listed the most effective 3 simple tips to fix it.

ipad touch screen not working

Part 1: Why is my iPad Screen not Responding to Touch

1.iPad dropped to floor or water damaged, causing the touch screen stopped working or put the iPad in a strong magnetic field for a long time.

2.Changed the screen with poor quality. The screen consists of three parts, one inside is the LCD screen, the outer screen is the touch screen, and there is an IC socket connection in the middle. If you use a poor-quality screen, it is very easy to cause the iPad touch screen not working in some areas or clicks by itself.

3.The iPad is stuck on an interface and the iPad screen won't respond to your operation.

Part 2: How to Deal with iPad Touch Screen not Working Properly

1.When using the iPad, if iPad touch screen frozen, you can enable the voice control function. Then say "Play Music" can choose to play the song.You can wait a while and then you can see that the touch screen problem has been fixed.

2.After the iPad power is draining, it will shut down automatically. Charge iPad for more than half an hour, then restart the iPad and wait for the touch screen to reply.

3.You can connect your iPad to iTunes and then upgrade your iPad to the latest version of the iOS. (Jailbreak device cannot upgrade the iOS version on iTunes).

4.Double-click the home button, and quit all the programs running in the background. This is a way to solve the iPad screen is frozen when the iPad runs too many programs and causes a crash.

5.Press and hold the power button, then press and hold the home button to return to the home screen. This is also a way to solve iPad touch screen doesn't work.

Part 3: How to Repair Cracked iPad Touch Screen

You need to replace the touch screen correctly to make sure that each part is properly connected.

Touchscreen: It is the outermost glass screen, also called the external screen or touch screen.

LCD screen: The screen used to display images under the touch screen, also called the internal screen or display screen.

IC socket: A middle part between the touch screen and the board.

Generally,if the iPad dropped, the touch screen is broken and the display is ok. Removing the external screen requires special tools, and the process is troublesome.

iPad mini 2 as an example for How to replace iPad touch screen:

1.Connect your device to your computer, open iTunes, select your device at the top right of your computer, and select Backup Now. Back up via iTunes---- Make sure your device is connected to WIFI, follow these steps: 1-Set-iCloud-Storage& Backup, 2-Click to start backup.

2.Turn off your iPad.

3.Use a heat gun to heat the edges of the iPad. The heating is to soften the glue stuck at the bottom of the screen.

4.Use the disassemble crowbar to shovel from the edge of the screen. Use moderate force, the depth should not exceed 0.5 cm. Because the insertion is too deep,it may damage the internal parts.

5.During the disassembling process, the softened glue may gradually cool down due to the long time, so that the crowbar is not easy to separate. At this time,the edges can be heated again and it can be repeated multiple times.

6.When crowbar going to the front camera and the left cable position. Slightly withdraw the crowbar about 2-3 millimetres.

7.After all the four sides have been opened, you can start to uncover the touch screen. Slowly, while picking up, use a crowbar to cut the part that is stuck.

8. Slowly separate with a crowbar and put the touch screen slowly. Note that the bottom end of this side is connected with a cable, be careful not to pull the cable to cause breakage.

separate screen

9.Remove the two cotton from the top end so that the screws under the cotton are exposed. Then use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the fixing screws at the corners of the display.

screws fix display

10. Remove the tape from the right display.

remove tape from display

11. Slowly separate the display from the left end. On the right is a cable connection.

separate left of display

12.After picking up, gently pull the display to the left and then open it.

pull display to left

13.After opening the display, this cover will be exposed.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the set screw that two screws in the upper left corner are the longest on the cover.

Please put them separately. In case of wrong screws during installation.

14.The screws on the other side are the same size and can be placed together. A total of 16 pieces.

15.After removing all the screws, you can separate the cover.

16. At the location where the cable is connected. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the upper set screw. Then use tweezers to remove the cover.

remove cover

17.Use the disassemble crowbar, slowly lift the display cable socket and remove.

remove display cable

18. You can remove the display at this time.

remove display

19. Remove the touch screen cable socket.

touch screen cable socket

20. Then you can take off the touch screen.

take off touch screen

21.Remove the two magnets from the old touch screen. They will be used on the new screen.

magnets on touch screen

22. Once all parts have been removed, you are ready to install a new touch screen. Install a new touch screen and connect the touch screen cable socket.

connect touch screen cable

23.Then close the display and touch screen, then turn on and test the new iPad touch screen.

The main thing is to check the touch screen is normal.

If iPad touch screen not working after replacement or screen flicker, you need to check if the cable is buckled.

If the cable connection is ok, it may be a problem with the touch screen.

After the test is complete, turn off the device and continue install other iPad parts.


What should I do if the touch screen not responding on iPad? It is recommended that purchase the repair parts online and replace it. In addition, you can buy a cover case for the iPad and protect iPad screen during use it.

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