How to Fix Phone Gets Hot and Drains Battery Fast

I replaced my battery with the replacement kit and noticed it started heating up about a minute after turning it on. Phone heating up while charging. Do you know what caused this? In fact, there are many reasons why the phone is overheating when charging. This article will give you some tips!

phone gets hot

Why is my phone hot when charging?

  • Processor is the main reason of phone overheating

The mobile CPU is a highly integrated SOC chip. It integrates the CPU central chip and GPU graphics processing chip,is the most integrated chip in the smart phone chip, the processor will dissipate a lot of heat when running at high speed.

  • The phone battery is hot when charging

During charging, when the power circuit is running, there is a resistor at work and the resistor and current interact. The heat is mainly concentrated on the battery and the internal PCB main board.

  • Ambient temperature

In the hot summer, due to the increase in ambient temperature, the heat generated by internal during charging. The heat dissipation efficiency of the mobile phone is reduced, which causes the phone getting hot.

Why is it dangerous when your phone gets hot?

1. The heating of the mobile phone battery will cause the internal parts of the mobile phone to heat up, which will cause the mobile phone to suddenly restart or the phone gets stuck.

2. The heating of the mobile phone battery will increase the heat of the battery itself. If it is a built-in battery, it will cause the internal air to expand violently, which will cause the battery to explode.

3. The heating of the mobile phone battery will accelerate the aging of the mobile phone and shorten battery life.

phone overheat drains battery

4. Due to the high ambient temperature,the internal hardware temperature of the mobile phone rises, which tends toreduce the speed of hardware operation.

Tips on howto stop your phone from overheating:

  • Avoid playing games, watching videos or making phone calls while charging.
  • Close the mobile phone background program to reduce the burden on the mobile phone,thus reducing heat.
  • Turnoff automatic download, update and other functions to reduce unnecessary program update installation. Some applications not only cause the phone to heat up while charging, but also heat up during normal use.
  • Avoid using a poor heat sink phone case.
  • Avoid using large apps for long periods of time.
  • The phone is hot when charging, close without using the background program or shutdown and restart.
  • If there is no program running in the background of the mobile phone and the phone overheating during charging. It is recommended that you back up the data on the mobile phone and enter the setting - (general) about the mobile phone - reset -restore the factory settings.

Phone overheating so quickly when charging, just take a small piece of towel, rub the alcohol, apply it in the hot position, which is beneficial to protect the battery.

When charging, it is best to turn off the software running in the background of the mobile phone, be sure to use a charger suitable for your phone. The original phone charger must be the first choice. If the power factor of the plug is not enough or the USB charging cable is not matched, the unstable current will also cause the mobile phone to charge slowly and overheat.

In some cases, we can assume that the charging cable(USB cable) that connects the phone to the charger is broken. To ensure a problem with the cable, you should replace the other cable and check if your phone is also heated.

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gemwon wireless charger


The above is the reason why the phone is hot when charging and the solution. In fact, the situation of mobile phone hot will happen frequently in the summer, we should use the mobile phone reasonably, to avoid some behaviours that will cause the phone overheating and losing battery.

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