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How to Fix iPhone Only Charges When Off

The iPhone only charges when powered off. It may be a system problem or it may be a battery hardware failure. If it is a system problem, we can solve the problem by debugging the IOS. If it is caused by a battery hardware broken, you need to replace the iPhone original battery.


How to fix my iPhone only charges when it's turned off?

Use original charger

Mobile phone charging failure, the current output is not enough or the data cable and charger of the mobile phone are not original. Replace the original mobile phone data cable or the original charger plug before charging.


Insufficient current output

Insufficient current output usually occurs when charging through a computer. Because the output voltage of usb is small, it sometimes causes charging failure. If iPhone not charging when plugged in the computer, it can be replaced by a wall socket. If the iPhone is not charged when it is turned on, try to turn off the iPhone when charging.

Charger cable interface aging

You can change the charging adapter and check if there is any foreign matter in the charging port. Or take a fine metallographic sandpaper and cut the appropriate size. After folding it a few times, gently polish it at the interface for a few times, then plug it in and charge it.

Try charging after restarting the iPhone

How to restart iPhone?

On iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus: Press and release the Volume Up button quickly. Press and release the low volume button quickly. Then, hold down the side button until you see the Apple logo.


iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold the side buttons and the low volume button for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.

iPhone 6s and earlier models, iPad or iPod touch: Press and hold the Home button and the top (or side) button for at least 10 seconds until you seethe Apple logo.

If iPhone not staying charged after update. You can consider resetting the IOS.

How to reset iPhone

1. Go to Settings > General > Reset.

2. Here you will see several options. To reset your iPhone or iPad, the option you choose is called "Clear all content and settings."

3. You may see a prompt asking you to update your iCloud backup before deleting it. You should click Back Up Then Erase.

4. If you don't want to update your iCloud backup, click "Delete now."

5. You will see the same options again and you must enter your password.Once you've done this, you can reset your iPhone or iPad.


Update iPhone firmware:

1. Connect the iPhone to the computer with a charging cable, and you will hear the prompt that the computer is connected successfully.

2. Now shut down the iPhone, then you will hear the prompt sound that the computer is not connected successfully.

3. Please press and hold the power button and home button at the same time. When the 10th second is reached, please release the switch button immediately and continue to hold down the home button.

4. At this time, iTunes will start automatically and prompt you to resume mode (the iPhone will remain black).

iTunes pops up the recovery window and clicks OK.

iTunes for PC: Hold down the "Shift" button and click "Restore iPhone".

iTunes for Mac: Hold down the "Options" button and then click "Restore iPhone".

When it pops up "Select Firmware", then select the downloaded firmware. Click "OK" to start the update. Wait a few minutes until the iPhone is restored.

Battery Management IC

The mobile phone battery needs to supply power to each electronic template in the mobile phone, and the power management chip will allocate and monitor it. Therefore, if there is a problem with the power IC, there will be a situation where the iPhone is not charged.

Because the iPhone will heat up when charging, in order to extend battery life, the battery IC will limit the phone charging when the battery is overheated. However, in the case of a problem with the battery is overheated,iPhone will only charging when off.

iPhone 6s plus does not charge when it is turned on, and it can be charged when it is turned off.


The repair method chooses to replace the charging IC

1. First shut down, remove the sim card, and remove the screws on both sides of the charging port.

2. Use the suction cup to hold the screen near the Home button and pullout an opening.

Note that the angle between the front panel and the body should not exceed 90 degrees, because there are cables at the top of the fuselage to connect the front panel and the body.

3. In order to avoid short circuit of components during the disassembly process, we must power off the motherboard and remove the shield of the power cable.

4. Use the paddle to gently pry open the connector between the power supply and the motherboard.

5. Then we remove the shield from the cable section that is connected to the front panel.

6. Also open the cables one by one, for a total of four. The four cables are display, touch, network cable,and Touch ID cable.


7. Clean the welding pad.


8. After the IC replacement is completed, the iPhone charging is normal.

For more iPhone spare parts from GEMWON at wholesale, iPhone touch screen,iPhone screen assembly and USB charging port are shipping for all over the world.

Many users have problems with the iPhone only charges when dead. After you tried all of the above methods, still can't solve the problem? Then you need to bring your iPhone to the Apple Store for a more professional repair.

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Tips for Buying a Refurbished iPhone

Should I buy a refurbished iPhone? Why should I buy or not to buy? You may have these questions about buying a certified refurbished iPhone. Are there any major flaws for refurbished phones or are they a good deal?


Problems with refurbished iPhone:

Quality issues

The refurbished iPhone has also been used by others. Whether this mobile phone has been dropped before or has some potential failures is not known.

The used mobile phone was sold as a new phone after changing the outer casing, and the quality was not good. It is actually used to collect the motherboard, casing or outer packaging of the old phone for repair or processing, and then sold as a new. Old machines with problematic circuit boards are repackaged after repair or assembly, and the performance of this phone is no stability.

Operating System

The optimization of the iOS is good, it will not cause serious fragmentation after a period of use, so the system of the iPhone refurbished is almost the same as the new. But the Android system is different. Its system mechanism is completely different from that of iOS. The longer it is used, the more serious its system fragmentation will be, which will cause the system running slowly and so on.

Warranty Policy

The iPhone begins the warranty time from the first consumer, and since the refurbished machine is a used mobile phone, most refurbished machines may have passed the warranty period.This may not be able to enjoy the official warranty policy for consumers who purchase refurbished iPhone.

How to check apple refurbished iPhone?

What is the difference between new and refurbished iPhone? There are ways to teach you to recognize a refurbished iPhone.

Outward appearance:

1. There will be scratches on the screw interface of the refurbished machine that are difficult to remove, and the new phone is generally not.

2. The SIM card chip contacts of the refurbished machine will have obvious signs of friction.

3. The packaging of the equipment will have a certain difference compared with the original iPhone, and it will be relatively rough.

4. The outer casing of the refurbished iPhone is generally original or reuse the old casing. The front and rear parts of the casing are prone to close closure and large gaps.

Apple refurbished iPhone prices:

Refurbished iPhone to be inexpensive, and the new iPhone are more expensive.

Howto distinguish between new and refurbished iPhone?

1. Source of the iPhone

Go to the direct store or Apple's official website to buy.

2. Packing box

If it is an officially certified refurbished iPhone from Apple, it comes with a package at the factory, with new accessories, and the front of the box is printed with "Apple Certified Pre-Owned".


3. Check the iPhone serial number

Each iPhone has a series of numbers and letter. Generally, M starts with the original iPhone, and N starts with the certified refurbished machine. Check the activation date and warranty period of the product on the website of Apple through the serial number.

If the warranty period is less than one year or has expired, then you are likely to buy an renew product. If it is a refurbished iPhone, such as replacing the motherboard, being repaired,etc. The serial number of this machine is cancelled on the official website of Apple. The inquiry will appear "We’re sorry, but this is a serial number for a product that has been replaced. Please check your information and re-enter your serial number."


4. Activation Date

This time can be used as one of the bases for refurbished iPhone identification. If it is a new iPhone, there is no activation time. If there is, it is likely to be a refurbished iPhone.

5. Check battery usage time

The new iPhone battery has not been used. If we check that the mobile phone battery has a long usage time, it is likely to be a refurbished machine.

Apple has launched a certified refurbished iPhone online sales page including iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The refurbished iPhone will be available with new batteries and cover, all accessories and a one-year warranty. You can get an official refurbished machine at saving %15 cost.



Buying a certified refurbished iPhone has an advantage over the new iPhone in price, and buyer will not worry too much about Apple in service and quality. To purchase a refurbished iPhone,it is recommended that you choose the Apple official. The above is introduction what is the difference between new and refurbished iPhone, I hope to help you.

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Top Best Battery Saver Apps for Android 2019

Are you facing the problem that the mobile phone battery is running out quickly? In case your battery gets drained faster and takes much time in getting charged, we have brought the battery saving apps that actually work that can considerably help you.


How to Extend Phone Battery Life by Settings?

1. Reduce the brightness of the phone screen

The phone screen is the culprit in consuming battery power, so you can extend battery life by reducing the screen brightness. Many mobile phones do not need to set too high brightness. Generally, we set the brightness to the lowest level, which can save power energy obviously.


2. Disable mobile data sync

If you turn on the background data synchronization of your mobile phone,this is equivalent to having a background program that may run synchronously.This will cause the mobile phone to consume more power. By disabling background data synchronization, you can organize the mobile application to be in the background.

3. Disable automatic syncing of the phone

If you choose to sync with your data, you can automatically sync your Google account-related Gmail, Google contacts, and Google drive, and if you don't have these sync features, you can save more power on android.

4. Disable Wi-Fi wireless network

Although the WIFI network is more convenient to use. It can be disabled and it can be turned on when needed.

5. Disable Android phone Bluetooth function

In fact, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the same as power-consuming, and Bluetooth is rarely used in addition to transmitting data. Therefore, it is not recommended to enable Bluetooth.

6. Stop or disable background services

Similar to the Windows system, the Android system also has some programs that run automatically when booting. Many processes may not need and consume a lot of power in the background.

7. Turn off Vibration on touch

Touch feedback provides vibration feedback when you use the phone's on-screen keyboard input, you can turn it off to save phone battery.


8. The Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

1) Greenify ★★★★★

Greenify, this is one of the best and most downloaded power-saving apps on Android in 2018. When you are not actively using the app, it puts those battery-hungry applications to sleep, making them unable to access any resources. You can launch these applications effortlessly. Greenify respects your privacy and will never collect any personal information from your phone.


2) Amplify ★★★★

Amplify offers a different battery saving tips for android than Greenify. Instead of pausing individual apps, Amplify controls how often the device wakes up to check for updates or push notifications. You can enjoy longer battery life with the recommended settings. Due to the working principle of Amplify, it should be very popular with people who do not like to receive mobile phone notification messages.

3) Battery Doctor ★★★★

Cheetah Mobile this feature-rich Android battery app is free and comes with tools such as battery monitoring, energy saving and energy saving profiles that can be automatically defined and arranged.


You can use it to quickly check the battery status and keep track of the applications and processes that run out of their lives so you can manually kill those power-consuming background programs. It supports more than 28 languages,which is why this app is one of the most popular programs in the Google app store. You're sure to find a language and interface that you like and have easy control your phone battery.

4)Avast Battery Saver ★★★

It is called the application killer. It has five power profiles and you can configure work, home, emergency, night and smart modes. The multi-mode management of the mobile phone battery power consumption program can be applied to different populations or one person's requirements at different time periods. It can be said that it is a perfect design in Phone Manage Power Consumption.


Other features include a main switch to turn the battery saver application on or off. Smart technology calculates and displays your remaining battery life and prompts you to setting it.

5) Accubattery ★★★

The AccuBattery Smart app measures battery usage by letting users know all the information. It notifies the battery consumed by different applications so that you can customize the content to better use your battery.


In concluding these are seven best android battery saver app which you can use.

If you have favorite phone battery saving apps, please Let me know which app do you use and what is your favorite one. Google Store for free download You can search by keyword "battery" Apply the description and find your favorite mobile phone power saving app. The five mobile phone battery programs described in this article hope to help you choose the best mobile phone battery saving program.


For the damaged mobile phone battery, the battery power saving program described above cannot help you. GEMWON Mall can provide you with original battery, replace the damaged phone battery. You only need to provide your mobile phone model, we will give you the mobile phone battery, screen, charging port and other mobile phone repair parts at the wholesale price, and send it to you in the fastest shipping all over the world.


About how to save power on the mobile phone, the best battery saver app free download above are more effective. In the case of phone battery power saving, we can set the phone to a power saving mode, so that it can last for 3 to 4 hours.

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What Risk of Replacing iPhone Battery

I ve had this iphone 6s for almost 3yrs now. Battery life is n't THAT bad that i need a new phone but i was wondering if i would have longer battery life if i replace it with a new battery? Or would there be a risk of getting my phone bricked if i do that?

What to do before replacing iPhone battery?

What should I pay attention to?


The effect of replace the iPhone battery by yourself:

1. Warranty

After replacing the non-certified battery, you will lose the warranty service provided by Apple. Because Apple has instructions in the maintenance policy, if it is disassembled through unofficial channels, or disassembled, it will refuse to provide warranty services. This means that if we replace the third-party battery, we will no longer be able to replace the original battery with Apple.

2. Disassembly iPhone part

When replacing the battery, yourself, remove the cable before removing the battery. If the pull-on glue is accidentally torn, the glue can be deactivated by slightly heating the air cylinder. You should find professional mobile phone maintenance staff, otherwise it may cause improper installation, battery overheating or explosion.

3. IOS battery health

The battery that is not verified by Apple cannot check the battery status through the IOS battery health function, and the maximum capacity and peak performance capacity indicators are not recorded. Battery health was introduced of iPhone,which delayed battery aging. Users can check the health of the battery, whether it is running unhealthy, and whether it needs to be replaced.

To buy an iPhone battery, we need to notice:

Do not buy or use unsecured battery products. There are many battery products on the market, and some low-cost batteries cannot guarantee the quality, which may affect the mobile phone or even burn out the phone.

Don't try to replace the battery yourself. It is best to find professional technician to install and replace the battery.

Because Apple used a large amount of double-sided tape to fix the battery and the fuselage inside the case when making the iPhone, so when replacing the battery,it is often necessary to use a professional heat gun to heat the body, to smooth the battery. Take it out from the inside of the body. Although this process seems simple, it still requires some skill.

If you use a force or a sharp tool to force the battery out, it may pierce the battery's outer casing, causing a short circuit inside the battery, or even causing spontaneous combustion or explosion.

If it is to replace the third-party battery of the regular brand, it will not cause any malfunction to the mobile phone. Regular manufacturers' batteries are rigorously tested at the factory. Due to the different manufacturing processes of various battery manufacturers, the battery capacity will be different from the original battery, which is normal.

Suggestions for replacing your iPhone battery yourself:

1. The repair budget is enough, if you want to get official protection, select Apple's official channel to replace the battery.

2. Experienced disassemble personnel, it is recommended to buy a third-party certified battery replacement.

3. Will I lose data if I replace iPhone battery? Back up the photos and data files in the iPhone before replacing the battery to prevent the phone from being damaged due to the disassembly process.

Where can I buy an iPhone replacement battery:

Apple does not sell OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to the public, which means you need to purchase a replacement iPhone battery from a third-party manufacturer through a retailer. GEMWON can provide you with bulk price mobile phone repair accessories, such as iPhone screen assembly, charging port, camera, iPhone battery and soon. You only need to place an order online and you will receive the iPhone parts you need within 10 days.

Replace the iPhone battery:

Remove the external screw,

Disconnect part cable,

Remove the old battery from the housing,

Reassemble iPhone with new battery,

For experienced disassemblers, it can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. Even an inexperienced average iPhone user should be able to complete it in an hour.


For how to replace the iPhone battery, I suggest you refer to our previous article Howto Replace iPhone X Battery Yourself. In recent years, the internal battery of the iPhone replacement steps is similar, no matter which generation of iPhone you have, this tutorial can help you.


It is more secure to replace the battery after Apple store, but expensive is the most obvious shortcoming. I believe that more people will choose the best buy iPhone battery replacement online and replace it, which will save you more maintenance costs. Especially if your iPhone is not in warranty, you will have fewer concerns.

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How Do you Fix a Water Damaged Phone

Accidentally my phone was dropped into water. But after every force restart, the display works for few minutes then goes black. can anyone tell me a fix? Howto fix a phone dropped in water?


Step 1: Remove the phone battery

Do not press any keys, do not turn off the power, and remove the battery if the battery is detachable.

Step 2: Shut down

Shutdown and don't do any turn on attempts. SIM card and SD memory card should also be taken out to avoid data loss.

Step 3: Clean moisture

Remove the moisture from the surface of the phone as soon as possible and wipe it quickly with a clean towel. Use tools such as paper and vacuum cleaner to suck out the water in the gap of the phone to ensure that the water does not flow into the charging port or the headphone jack.

Step 4: Drying treatment

Place the phone in a dry rice bag for 24 to 36 hours, or even longer. This is an easy and convenient operation that is easy to operate. Remember not to try to use the dryer. The exit in the phone is not in the same direction and moisture may spreads on the motherboard.

Although you can clean the board with some 99% is opropyl alcohol, you can't clean up the tight space inside the chip set. In addition to this you can only resort to repair stores.

In addition, it should be noted that due to water damage, there will be no obvious faults. Then you will find the phone battery not charging, phone charging error caused by water damage and dropped phone in water screen won't work. It depends on the degree of phone damaged after cleaning and corrosion.


So, once the phone is exposed to water, whether there is a fault with the mobile phone, we should choose the appropriate maintenance plan according to the water damaged to prevent more problems.

If you don't want to spend too much time protecting your phone, you must need a full-featured Waterproof case for phone when you travel. It has a fully enclosed design to protect the phone from water. You can play in water entertainment without worrying about your phone.


The above is the emergency solutions after the phone dropped in water.If the phone is in water for a long time, it is best to send it to a professional store for repair at the first time, otherwise the phone component may be corroded seriously.

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How to Fix Phone Gets Hot and Drains Battery Fast

I replaced my battery with the replacement kit and noticed it started heating up about a minute after turning it on. Phone heating up while charging. Do you know what caused this? In fact, there are many reasons why the phone is overheating when charging. This article will give you some tips!


Why is my phone hot when charging?

  • Processor is the main reason of phone overheating

The mobile CPU is a highly integrated SOC chip. It integrates the CPU central chip and GPU graphics processing chip,is the most integrated chip in the smart phone chip, the processor will dissipate a lot of heat when running at high speed.

  • The phone battery is hot when charging

During charging, when the power circuit is running, there is a resistor at work and the resistor and current interact. The heat is mainly concentrated on the battery and the internal PCB main board.

  • Ambient temperature

In the hot summer, due to the increase in ambient temperature, the heat generated by internal during charging. The heat dissipation efficiency of the mobile phone is reduced, which causes the phone getting hot.

Why is it dangerous when your phone gets hot?

1. The heating of the mobile phone battery will cause the internal parts of the mobile phone to heat up, which will cause the mobile phone to suddenly restart or the phone gets stuck.

2. The heating of the mobile phone battery will increase the heat of the battery itself. If it is a built-in battery, it will cause the internal air to expand violently, which will cause the battery to explode.

3. The heating of the mobile phone battery will accelerate the aging of the mobile phone and shorten battery life.


4. Due to the high ambient temperature,the internal hardware temperature of the mobile phone rises, which tends toreduce the speed of hardware operation.

Tips on howto stop your phone from overheating:

  • Avoid playing games, watching videos or making phone calls while charging.
  • Close the mobile phone background program to reduce the burden on the mobile phone,thus reducing heat.
  • Turnoff automatic download, update and other functions to reduce unnecessary program update installation. Some applications not only cause the phone to heat up while charging, but also heat up during normal use.
  • Avoid using a poor heat sink phone case.
  • Avoid using large apps for long periods of time.
  • The phone is hot when charging, close without using the background program or shutdown and restart.
  • If there is no program running in the background of the mobile phone and the phone overheating during charging. It is recommended that you back up the data on the mobile phone and enter the setting - (general) about the mobile phone - reset -restore the factory settings.

Phone overheating so quickly when charging, just take a small piece of towel, rub the alcohol, apply it in the hot position, which is beneficial to protect the battery.

When charging, it is best to turn off the software running in the background of the mobile phone, be sure to use a charger suitable for your phone. The original phone charger must be the first choice. If the power factor of the plug is not enough or the USB charging cable is not matched, the unstable current will also cause the mobile phone to charge slowly and overheat.

In some cases, we can assume that the charging cable(USB cable) that connects the phone to the charger is broken. To ensure a problem with the cable, you should replace the other cable and check if your phone is also heated.

Wireless chargers at for Samsung/HUAWEI/iPhone and other Amazon top-selling items can free shipping for all over the world. No matter how much you want to buy, you can buy them at wholesale prices.



The above is the reason why the phone is hot when charging and the solution. In fact, the situation of mobile phone hot will happen frequently in the summer, we should use the mobile phone reasonably, to avoid some behaviours that will cause the phone overheating and losing battery.

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How to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting itself

I have an iPhone 7+ that reboots constantly. I can’t use it for more than 10 mins max without it rebooting but it is more common for it to reboot every 2-3 mins.


What should I do if iPhone randomly shuts off and restarts? There may be many reasons for your iPhone automatically restarting. For example: software conflicts, IOS system error, battery aging, system space is full and so on. I will introduce you to several solutions for iPhone automatic restart.

1. Waiting for recovery

It is recommended to try the following solutions. If your iPhone keeps restarting doesn't turn on, then we generally not need to solve it. It may be that the iOS system BUG or the iPhone suddenly crashes. Just wait for it to restart and use it again.

2. Uninstall the software latest installed

If the iPhone restart occurs frequently, please uninstall the recently installed software. It may be caused by the incompatibility between the software and the system. After uninstalling, check whether the iPhone is working properly. Please check if the IOS has a system update prompt. If so,try upgrading your iOS to the latest version.

How to update IOS: Tap Settings > General > Software Update and then upgrade your IOS to the latest version.


3. Remove third-party software

In many cases, some apps forced to exit or there are several specific applications that cause iPhone restart loop, then you need to remove that software. If your iPhone has been jail broken, it may also cause the iPhone continues to restart. More questions about iPhone jailbreak, you can refer to our previous post to solve this problem: How to Jailbreak an iPhone or iPad.

4. Factory settings to solve the iPhone automatic restart issue

Open Settings - General - Reset -Select Erase All Content and Settings. (Note: Data will not be lost after factory reset. If the data is important, please backup).


Use iTunes to restore your iPhone:

If the iPhone keeps restarting and you are unable to enter settings to perform iPhone recovery, then you can choose to use iTunes to restore your iPhone. You may need to back up your device before doing this because all data will be deleted.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.

Step 2: Click on the device when it is displayed in iTunes and select "Restore iPhone".


Step 3: Select the backup, then click "Restore iPhone" and keep the device connected when you restore the device.

5. DFU update firmware

Resolve iPhone randomly restarts that may be caused by hardware conflicts by performing hardware updates.

How does the iPhone enter DFU Mode?

1. Turn off your iPhone.

2. Press and hold the iPhone power and Home button at the same time.

3. When you see the white Apple logo, release the Lock button while continuing to hold down the Home button.

4. Open iTunes, wait for it to prompt you to DFU mode.


6. Check the charging port

Check carefully at the charging port on the bottom of the iPhone. Is there any debris stuck inside and signs of corrosion?

If it doesn't look right, grab the brush and brush the iPhone charging port gently. The charging port short circuit may cause the iPhone stuck in boot loop.Inferior charger can also damage the charging circuit, so buying an original charger certified by Apple is your first choice.


The above fixes also apply to iPhone randomly restarts while charging.If you've been using a wall charger, try charging your device with a USB cable.If you have been using the USB cable, try using a wall charger, but be sure to use the original charger that came with your iPhone.

Frequent restarts of iPhone are mainly cause by software problems, but it may also be that you have damaged some hardware components and caused the device to be abnormal. If you still can't solve the problem with the above 6 methods, then you may need to consider replacing the iPhone parts to solve the iPhone randomly freezes and restarts.

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How to Expand Memory for iPhone

iPhone expansion refers to the maintenance personnel to disassemble the original hard disk, read out the original hard ware information. Then copy the information to the new hard disk through the device, and finally install the large-capacity hard disk on the motherboard. So, can I expand iPhone memory?


Is your iPhone storage no enough?

These 5 simple tips can help you increase storage on iPhone.

1. Clear old photos and videos

If the iPhone memory is not enough, photo or video. You can use a third-party tool to export to a personal computer to save or compress the photo to free up space.

2. Delete apps

Browsing through all the folders and home screens of your iPhone or iPad and clear the apps you don't need to use.

If you don't use it, please delete it.

3. Delete program data

Over time, some applications become bloated because of the store data or cache content and reduce storage on iPhone.

How to clear the cache on the iPhone?

1) Click "Settings".

2) Choose "General".

3) Choose "storage and iCloud usage".

4) Under the "Storage" section, click "Manage Storage."

5) Clicking on any of them will give you the option to delete, or you can remove it from the home screen just as you would delete an app.

6) Once you have deleted the problematic storage application, you can reinstall them through the App Store as usual.


4. Expand iPhone memory with SD card

Although Apple has increased the storage space of the iPhone from 16GB to 256GB, for most people there is still not enough space or there is not enough budget to buy.

Instead of building a micro SD card slot for the iPhone, Apple is upgrading its storage by purchasing a new iPhone. You can purchase external storage device to save photos and videos.

Expand your iPhone's storage by SD card

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone does not have an SD slot and the integration space cannot be extended by default. Internal storage can be extended with an SD card.

With an SD card, you can have some storage built into the phone and then add to it with the removable card, you can use an additional 256GB to increase iPhone storage and connect it to your computer using USB 3.0.


Apple iPhone expansion has its risks

1. There will be problems after the expansion memory and it will notwork properly.

2. In the face of Apple's official policy risk, Apple may change the activation policy at any time to limit the expansion of third-party devices,resulting in iPhone cannot be activated.

3. If you change the hard disk of your iPhone during the warranty period, Apple does not guarantee the warranty.

4. Regardless of which iOS version the previous iPhone is, after replacing the hard drive, it will be updated to the latest system version. It may happen that the device hardware is not perfectly compatible with the new version.

In addition to the inability to activate, various problems that occur after changing memory size iPhone: black screen, rainbow screen, etc., In the process of disassembly, it is easy to damage the component, which may cause damage to the speaker and fingerprint reader.

If you really want to add memory to iPhone, there are some tips:

1. It is not recommended to expand the equipment that is still in the warranty period.

2. Data must be backed up in your computer before expansion.

3. Try to choose third-party maintenance store with high reputation to minimize technical risks.

iPhone 6s 16G extended to 128G repair process:

Tools: iPhone 6S, 128G memory chip, Air gun, soldering iron, plant tin mesh, trowel, scraper and other welding equipment, hard disk test tool

1. After disassembling, since the iPhone 6s hard disk has a layer of thermal conductive material on it, it must be cleaned. Then remove the edge glue around the hard disk and remove the hard disk.


2. Removed hard drive.


3. Clean the chassis, add some solder oil with medium temperature tin, rub it with a hot air gun and a soldering iron and wash it with water.


4. Preparing the new 128G hard drive and plant tin mesh.


5. After the tin is finished, put the 128G hard disk into the test rack and write the data for iPhone 6s.


6. Start installing a new hard disk, add some solder paste, then put the new hard disk on and blow the hot air gun at a temperature of 320 degrees for 30~40 seconds.


7. After installing the hard disk, and then connect the data cable to display the DFU mode. Download the firmware and wait for the installation.

Note: The iPhone will be upgraded to the latest iOS system after expansion.

The above are some ways to expand the capacity of the iPhone. It is a high-risk way to upgrade iPhone memory hack. It is recommended that you first consider ways to clean up your phone and expand iPhone memory with SD card.

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How to Fix iPhone 7 Reboot Loop

How to Fix My iPhone 7 GPS is not Working

iPhone GPS provides the wrong location service and map application and the worst is that it doesn't work at all. We'll list a few solutions that can help you solve your iPhone GPS not working 2019.


Troubleshooting GPS Issues on iPhone:

Solution 1: Restart iPhone

Solution 2: Switch location service

Solution 3: Turn off LTE

Solution 4: Reset network settings

Solution 5: Update the app

Solution 6: GPS issue caused by a software problem

Solution 7: iPhone GPS is not working after iOS update

In the worst case, the problem is related to hardware defects such as GPS chip damage on the iPhone or the flex cable component is loose. You can take your iPhone to an authorized service store for hardware evaluation and repair.

1. Restart iPhone

To force a reboot, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds, then release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

In addition to performing are start on the phone, it is also very simple method to try. You need to navigate to "Settings" and enable "Flight Mode". Turn it on and then turn it off. Switching flight mode is convenient in all issue, not only when iPhone GPS stopped working. If you see a "no service" error or a Wi-Fi unable to open, turning the "Flight Mode" mode on/off can solve the problem.


2. Switch location service

Some users have noticed that a simple switch of location services may solve the problem when the iPhone 7 GPS is not accurate or unable to find someone's location on iPhone.

Navigate to Settings,

Next, tap Privacy,

Tap the location service,

Now turn off the location service, wait 15-20 seconds and open it.


3. Turn off LTE

Some users solve the iPhone GPS problem by turning off LTE.

Go to settings,

Next, click on Cellular,

Tap the cellular data option,

Tap Enable LTE,

Enabled when a check mark is present.

  • Off
  • Voice & Data

Note Select Voice & Data to use data (e.g., Internet, iMessage) during calls when Wi-Fi isn't available.

Note HD Voice must be turned onto simultaneously use Voice & Data.

  • Data Only


4. Reset network settings

When iPhone 7 GPS stopped working or if it no GPS showing approximate location iPhone, you should reset the network settings. You must enter your Wi-Fi password later. Here's how to reset your network settings:

Navigate to Settings,

Click "General".

Click reset,

Select Reset network settings,

Enter your password,

Tap Reset network settings.


5. Update the app

If you're experiencing GPS issues iPhone maps not working only when using a specific app, make sure the app is up to date. Just open the App Store, click Update, find the app and get the latest version.

If many users complain about the same problem, the new version of iOS will solve this problem.

Connect iPhone to power,

Connect to a Wi-Fi network,

Go to Settings > General >Software Updates,

Click Download and Install or Install Now.


6. GPS issue caused by a software problem

A factory Restore will erase or erase your iPhone and then restore it to the factory default settings. It is an effective solution to software-related problems in mobile devices. Since you will be removing everything during this process, be sure to back up your iPhone before you start to reset.

You can restore the factory settings via iPhone settings:

Go to Settings -> General-> Reset -> Delete All Content and Settings.

Factory restores via iTunes:

Connect iPhone to your computer using the included USB cable/connector.

If prompted, enter the correct password for your device or select the "Trust this computer" option.

Follow the instructions on the screen.

Select your iPhone from the list of devices in iTunes.

Navigate to the "Summary" section and click "Restore iPhone".

Click Restore again to confirm the action.

Wait for iTunes to finish erasing your device and install the latest iOS.


7. iPhone GPS is not working after iOS update

In most cases, iPhone GPS is not working after iOS update. You can try to solve the problem by following the above solution. If it doesn't work, then you need to contact apple service.

Hardware Damage

If the problem still persists or the GPS not working iPhone 7, contact Apple Support and request further assistance. This is the worst reason you should consider, especially if you have previously discarded or exposed the liquid to your iPhone. It may be that the GPS chip is damaged by falling or moisture.

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What is the New Features iOS 13 Beta

Apple iOS 13 basic features remain the same as Apple iOS 12, no big changes. But in fact, there are hidden feature upgrades. App running to interactive, Siri communication, photos, keyboards, reminders, etc., all updated with iOS 13 release date 2019.

We made a summary of iPhone iOS 13 new features, you can get a more systematic understanding of the most important changes in Apple iOS 13.

1. IOS 13 Dark Mode

There is no doubt that the first thing you see in the Apple iOS 13 beta is the dark mode. Dark mode is fully integrated with Apple's iOS 13, and the system interface, system program page, keyboard, and Animoji background are displayed in black background.

The dark mode can be turned on in "Settings - Display" or quickly turned on or off in the control center. In addition, you can set the dark mode to turn on and off at specific times or according to sunrise and sunset.


From a planning, the dark mode plays a role in comfort reading in a dark environment, mitigating eye strain on the screen for a long time, and highlighting some content and saving power for iPhone screens.

2. IOS 13 System enhancements

File system and health systems, you may not be able to open these two native apps, but they are to make Apple iOS ecosystem closer to the work and life.

File system IOS 13: It can access files on the U disk, SD card or hard disk, can connect to the office file server or home PC through SMB. You can be created on the local hard disk Folders and add your favorite files. You can also find the various files you downloaded here and compress and unzip them.

3. Apple iOS13 health system has added several features

1. Period Tracker - this is not a simple date tracking is so simple, but also includes physiological period prediction and notification, pregnancy window prediction and notification, for most female users should be a caring function.

2. If you have an Apple Watch, you can perform noise detection. On the iPhone, you will track the audiogram from the hearing test, so that you can further care about your hearing health.

3. Apple iOS 13 also prepared an oral health reminder for you to track your brushing habits.


iOS 13 Major Functions:

The first is cameras and photos update

In the Apple iOS 13 camera, Apple added light intensity control and monochrome effects to the portrait mode to make the photos more beautiful.Apple iOS 13 native photos have now become the most powerful photo management +editing tool on the iPhone, artificial intelligence machine learning to help you organize photos, video types, and automatically show the most exciting parts.

Followed by map

Apple Maps has updated features such as intersection views, real-time transit, common locations, collections, and sharing of ETA. The new map has been rebuilt completely, details of roads, beaches, parks and buildings have been significantly enhanced and more vivid. Before you arrive at your destination, explore the immersive 3D perspective and enjoy the 360-degree view of where you are going.


It provides bus schedules, arrival times, line sites and system transfer information. There are also an iOS 13 hidden features that is flight dynamics,allowing users to view the latest information on the terminal, boarding gate location, departure time and more.

4. IOS 13 Siri update

Apple iOS 13 Siri now lets you play music, podcasts, audio books, and broadcasts through third-party apps, as well as read information. Siri shortcuts have also become more efficient and more colloquial, allowing us to communicate with the App in a conversational format. Users will have better control their devices by adding voice commands.

iOS 13 voice control commands allow users who may not need to take a phone or keyboard input a lot of things. This includes opening and navigating apps, typing, and even tapping, zooming and swiping.


After updating the IOS 13, you will be more willing to talk to Siri andlet it manage your daily routine.

5. IOS 13 performance improvements

The app starts faster - there is 2 times improvement in app launch speed, knowing that it's based on the excellent responsiveness of iOS 12. After updating iOS 13, running speed will not be a big problem at on the iPhone.

The faster face ID unlocks - iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR unlock up to 30% faster.

App downloads and updates take up less capacity – starting in the fall,apps in the App Store will be packaged in new ways, reducing the footprint by up to half. The capacity consumed by App updates will be reduced by an average of 60%.

Optimized battery charging - iPhone will use the device-side machine learning technology to learn your charging habits, first charge more than 80%of the power and then wait until you want to use it. Delays battery aging by reducing the time it takes for the iPhone to fully charge.

6. iOS13 release date for public

June 3rd: iOS 13 beta 1 and first attention to WWDC

June 17th: iOS 13 beta 2 is available for developers

June 24th: iOS 13 public beta for testers

July 3rd: iOS 13 Developer Beta 3 add some new features

July 8th: iOS 13 public beta 2 release date

Early September 2019: iOS 13 Golden Master (final development beta)

Mid-September 2019: iOS 13 may launch a new 2019 iPhone

7. iOS 13 supported compatible devices

iOS 13 requires iPhone 6S or newer, iPad Air 2 or newer, new iPad mini 4 and iPhone SE

It does not apply to older devices that support iOS 12: iPhone 5S,iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and mini 3.


Apple iOS 13 update features, font usage, slider to input, Apple ID login, Animoji emoticons, reminders, AirPods audio sharing and more. You can find some interesting change when you open IOS 13 or even a change in the icon and it will make a perfect experience.

Compared with iOS11 and iOS12, Apple's iOS 13 has greatly satisfied our curiosity. Apple's iOS 13 is more fun to change. You have already discovered most amazing top new features iOS 13, so share with us in the comments.

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