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How to Fix Samsung S8 Vibrating for No Reason

"My phone keeps vibrating usually 2 quick vibrations after one another for no reason. This keeps happening while on standby. I have tried everything but can't seem to stop it." This article provides you with some tips to solve the Samsung phone randomly vibrating without notification.


1. Turn off message notifications Samsung galaxy

Cell phone vibration is often used to notify you of events and alerts. Sometimes even if you don't receive the message, the Samsung s8 will still give a vibrating to notification. Some notifications will pop up a notification bar, sometimes not, you need to turnoff the Samsung phone notification to stopped galaxy s8 vibration.

How to turn off notifications on Samsung:

1) Open the Samsung Folder.

2) Open Galaxy Apps.

3) Tap Settings.

4) Tap Notifications.

5) Slide the button to "off"

2. Close Smart alert

Smart alert is an action gesture that your device vibrates as a reminder when you pick up your phone and notify you (such as missed calls or new messages). If you find that there is no message but the Samsung s8 vibrate when picked up.

You can turn on/off this function in the Motions and gestures Settings menu.

From the Home screen touch Apps > Settings > Motions and gestures.

Find Smart alert and then touch the switch to turn Smart alert on/off.

3. Restart

After restarting the yours phone, you need to observe for a while to confirm whether the Samsung galaxy s8 black screen vibrating is resolved. If not, continue with the following troubleshooting.

4. Uninstall installed software recently

1. Check if the mobile phone has the latest download and installed a third-party software. It may be caused by the incompatibility between the software and the mobile phone. It is recommended that you uninstall it.

2. If it does not return to normal, it is recommended that you back up your phone data (contact list, photo, files, etc.) and restore the factory settings.

How to reset on Samsung s8

Open "Settings" > "General management" > "Reset"> "Factory data reset" > "Reset" > "Delete all"

5. Check for hardware

Some mobile phone component connector failures may cause the phone to react abnormally such as Samsung s8 vibrates but no notification.

You can try the following steps below:

Disassemble the mobile phone battery to clean the cable and connector,remove the SD card and put it back in and start it. The vibration may be caused by the SD card not being in good contact.

If you are more confident, you can check other mobile phone components. GEMWON provides you with all mobile phone replacement parts, phone display, Samsung touch glass and repair tools, you can get the lowest price and the fastest shipping online.


Through the above steps, if the Samsung galaxy s8 vibrates randomly, it is recommended that carry your phone to the nearest Samsung service center for maintenance.

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How to Fix iPhone X Screen is Frozen

When the iPhone X screen is frozen, it is unresponsive to the touch. It is annoying. Fortunately, this article provides some ways to help you resolve iPhone X frozen touch screen not working.


Part 1: Why iPhone x screen not responding to touch


1.1 The reason for this problem is "cold". It often happens in winter, then you need to consider whether the iPhone screen freezes up and shut down because the outdoor temperature is too low. When the iPhone X is used in a low-temperature environment, there maybe a screen not working and the system update may be used to fix this bug.

Update iOS on iPhone X:

1) Backing up iPhone X, backing up to iCloud or iTunes.

2) Open the Settings and go to General, then go to Software Updates.

3) If you have an iOS software update,please download and install it as usual.

4) Upgrading iPhone X to the latest version of iOS is necessary because it may contain bug fixes that may fix iPhone x unresponsive screen issues.


1.2 If the iPhone screen not responding problem occurs indoors and has nothing to do with the temperature,you need to restart the phone.

How to turn off iPhone x when screen is frozen:

Press the volume up button and release.

Press the volume down button and release.

Press and hold the side power/lock button until the Apple logo appears on the screen, which may take about 10 seconds.

Once you see the Apple logo on the display, release the power button and the device will start.


2. Turn off Voiceover

If the iPhone screen is not responding to anything and there is always voice, it may be the Voiceover of Accessibility is turned on;

Please turn off Voiceover in [Settings- General - Accessibility].

If iPhone x screen frozen can't turnoff and won't respond to touch, you cannot enter the settings to turn off Voiceover.

1) If Siri is enabled on your iPhone, you can activate it and say "turn off Voiceover" to Siri.

2) If the Siri is not turned on, you can also try to close the running program by pressing the Home button three times.

3. Reset iPhone

iPhone screen is stuck reset it by"Settings" - "General" - "Reset" - "Reset All Settings".

The iPhone 6/6 Plus touch screen is stuck and the problem is solved by restoring factory settings, but all the information on the phone will be lost, so you need to back up important data in the phone.

It may be possible to restore the backed-up data from iTunes or iCloud, which will cause this problem to reappear. This may be screen freeze caused by software error.

4. iPhone screen freezing after replacement

"The screen has been working fine but I just updated my phone and now my screen won’t work at all. What do I do?”

This may be the update "locks" the phone screen because it is a third-party screen rather than an "Apple original screen". Or if the screen quality is very poor, then it is very likely that the screen won't work on iPhone after the update or a slight drop will cause the screen is unresponsive.

If you can buy an original iPhone x screen, replace screen and make sure it works.

You can purchase all models of mobile phone repair parts at GEMWON.COM and fix the iPhone x screen freeze problem according to the screen replacement tutorial below.

Part 2: Hardware failure causes iPhone screen freeze

1. The touch screen is broken

2. The battery is aging and damaged.

3. The motherboard failure

In the first two cases, we can solve the problem by replacing the hardware.

Replace the screen to resolve the screen freeze caused by screen damage. Replacing the battery can solve the problem of the iPhone lost cursor.

How to replace iPhone X screen:

The iPhone X carries an OLED screen,which is different from all previous generations, and OLED are better than LCDs in all aspects, so when purchasing an iPhone X screen assembly, you must purchase an OLED screen.

1. Disassemble to remove the old screen

You need to prepare a mobile phone repair kit.

First use a Philips screwdriver to unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the phone and remove the sim card on the phone.

2. After unscrewing the screw, the iPhone x that has not been dismantled will have a black waterproof glue to bond the screen to the main body of the phone. We should pay attention to this waterproof rubber when disassembling, and not too hard.

It is recommended to soften the gel with a hot air gun, then pry a slit from the bottom two corners, and then use the crowbar to cut the sides and top slowly.


3. After the edges of the screen are separated, gently open the screen from right to left. At this time, note that there are 3 buckles at the top of the phone.

When we remove the screen,first uncover the bottom, then lift the screen gently. Be careful not to break the screen cable.


4. There are a total of 5 screws to be unscrewed, put and remember the corresponding position (very important).

Because these 5 screws vary in length, the screen will damage if the screw in the wrong position when the screen is closed.


5. After unscrewing all the screws, remove the gasket below.


6. Below the gasket is the screen cable socket. Note that there are 3 screen cables and 2 battery cables. The leftmost cable is glued.

First disconnect the 2 cables on the right and 2 Battery cables.


7. The leftmost cable needs to be removed the glue to remove the cable.


8. After disconnecting this cable, the phone and the screen can be separated.

Here are the steps to replace the iPhone X camera:

9. First use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the 2 screws on the camera.


10. After removing the screw, you can pick up the camera. Take care to take it from both sides and don't touch the camera lens.

11. After picking up the camera, there is a spacer need to remove, which is made of hard plastic and glued to the phone. You need to remove the glue from both sides to get it.


12. Remove the camera and gasket.

13. Install the camera on the new screen, first place the gasket in the corresponding position, then put the camera and place it in the aligned position according to the screw holes.


14. Tighten the screws on the camera and the camera installation is complete.


Here are the iPhone X screen installation steps:

15. Close the screen cable and battery cable. Gently buckle the alignment position and take care not to break the cable.


16. Turn on the iPhone and test before screwing the screen screws to make sure the new screen is working properly.

17. Install the gasket on the screen and tighten the screws. The length of the 5 screws is different, and the corresponding screws must be in the corresponding position.

Corresponds to step 4 above.


18. After tightening the screws, the next step is to close the screens. It needs to go from top to bottom. There are buckles at the top of the screen. After the top is buckled, the screen can be pushed up slightly.


19. After installing the screen,install the two screws on the bottom to complete the screen replacement.


If the iPhone screen freeze is caused by software conflict or hardware broken of the screen and cable, then the above methods can help you solve it.

If you can't solve that iPhone X screen is frozen after screen replacement, then you need to consult the apple store for more maintenance.

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How to Fix Rainbow Screen on Samsung

Many Sony users said that the there is a rainbow screen on Samsung. Why my Samsung screen is rainbow and how to fix it in this article. You don't need to do all the solutions, just follow list until you solve the problem.


Part 1: Why rainbow screen appears on Samsung

1. Black or coloured horizontal or vertical lines appear on the Samsung screen, which is generally a problem with the LCD cable broken. The LCD cable is connected to the display screen directly. Once it is broken, it is difficult to repair. This situation generally requires LCD cable replacement.

2. Occasionally, the font or image is excursive at start up, which maybe due to bugs in the software version, the CPU or font flash memory, etc. The former can be solved by restoring the firmware, but the latter needs to be repaired.

3. If the Samsung screen has rainbow area, there is no doubt that the LCD screen is damaged and the screen needs to be replaced.

4. Sometimes we use a mobile phone to switch from one program to another. The program responds slowly, and it is stuck in the image of the previous app, showing the colourful image. If you restart your phone at this time, it will return to normal.

Part 2: How to troubleshoot Galaxy S8 that has a rainbow screen

1. Restart the Samsung s8. If you are unable to use the phone via the touch screen, use the power button and the volume up button to hard reboot.

2. If it is a rainbow screen that appears in the software. For example,camera doesn't work and shows rainbow colours, the best solution is to uninstall this software, and then replace the test with software of the same function.

3. Galaxy s8 rainbow screen while charging, please make sure to use the original Samsung charger and USB cable to charging the device. Low quality chargers may have a negative impact on the touch screen.

4. Close the developer option and see if the screen display is normal.Action: Home - Applications - Settings - (More / General) - Developer Options -Slide the slider off.

5. For hardware issue, it is generally caused by poor contact between the screen cable and the screen panel of the phone. Generally, the problem can be solved by re-plugging the lcd cable.

6. It is recommended to update the operating system to the latest version. Sometimes software bugs can be fixed by the updated.

7. If the above problem can't solve Samsung galaxy S8 rainbow screen of death Issue, the last step is to restore the factory settings and reset the firmware.

In general, if the colourful screen is not caused by a broken hardware,you can solve almost all software problems by restoring the factory settings.

Part 3: How to Factory Reset the Samsung from the Settings

1) Turn off your Samsung galaxy s8.

2) Press and hold the Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons at the sametime. Release all buttons when the Phone enter a black screen.

3) From the Android Recovery screen, select Wipe data/factory reset.

4) Select Yes.

Part 4: Check if the Samsung s8 rainbow screen cause by water damage

If your phone screen has been damaged by water recently, it is likely to cause a rainbow screen.

The Samsung phone screen consists of an external screen glass, a touchscreen and LCD screen. The LCD screen is mainly responsible for image display.The LCD screen is very thin, only a few millimeters. If the phone dropped off,the liquid crystal in the LCD screen will change structurally, resulting in Samsung galaxy s8 half screen different colour.

These situations are all solved by the need to replace the Samsung screen.


You should need this part of the content on how to replace the Samsung s9 screen.

This article also applies to Samsung Galaxy s9/s9 plus/s8/s8 plus etc. Screen replacement. If you change screen of other Samsung models, broken parts batteries, as the same steps.


The above is about How to fix Samsung Galaxy with rainbow screen.

In many cases,the Samsung rainbow screen is caused by damage to the LCD screen, which requires you to replace the screen. If you need phone repair accessories, then I recommend GEMWON,where you can buy cheap original screen assembly, touch screen, battery for Samsung/ Sony/ iPhone etc.

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How to Fix Sony Xperia z3 Screen not Working

Many Sony users complain that their Sony Xperia screen doesn't work, especially when they use the on-screen keyboard to send messages. This article is to help you troubleshoot touch screens using the Sony Xperia Z3.


Part 1:Screen not working on Sony Xperia z3


1. Restart your phone. If the touch screen can't work, you can force to restart by pressing the power + volume button at the same time.

2. Uninstall the recently installed software. If it is a new issue and you are not sure which application is causing the problem, you can uninstall the application that recently downloaded.

3. Update the device to ensure the best performance and the latest system, the system may update to fix some bugs.

3. Reset your phone. In general, if it is not caused by a hardware failure, you can solve almost all software problems by restoring the factory settings.

4. Try to solve the problem by restoring the firmware.

How to reset factory settings on Sony Xperia z3:

Back up data on the internal memory to other storage device

1) Click "settings".

2) Then select option "Backup & reset".

3) Afterwards tap "Factory Data Reset" and then Reset Phone.

4) Select "Erase Everything" if you are sure you want to clear all your data.

5) Select OK to begin.

About how to update firmware on Sony you can refer to this article: Firmware Change/Update SONY Xperia Z3 Compact D5803

Part 2: Common situation & Sony Xperia screen not responsive

2.1 Touch screen too sensitive on Sony Xperia

If you have added screen protector for your device, make sure that the film is correct and that there are no air bubbles, dust, or moisture under the protective film.

Wipe the screen with a clean, dry cloth to make sure the touch screen is clean.

2.2 Keep the suitable working temperature

If the phone becomes overheated,the Sony Xperia doesn't respond at the first time. Please keep the phone cool down and try to use the touch screen again.

2.3 Use original charger

If Sony Xperia doesn't respond when charging, please using original Sony charger and USB cable for chargingyour Sony phone. Poor quality chargers can have a negative impact on there sponse of the touch screen.

2.4 Using the Xperia Companion perform software repair

1) Download and install Xperia Companion

2) Follow the software prompts to back up your files.

3) Disconnect your phone from your computer.

4) Turn off the device and wait 5 seconds.

5) Press and hold the volume button.

6) Connect your phone to your computer while holding down the volume button.

7) Wait until the repair application goes to the next step automatically, then release the volume button and follow the instructions on the screen.

8) When the repair is complete, follow the on-screen instructions to fix it (including disconnecting the device from the computer and turning it back on).

9) Complete the setup wizard on your device and connect your device to your computer.

10) After connected, click "Restore".

11) Select the backup file you want and click "Next".


12) Select the data you want to restore and click "Next".


13) When the data restore is complete, click Close (in the lower right corner).

Part 3: Sony Xperia z3 screen replacement

The most case of the Sony Xperia z3 touch screen not working after drop and LCD screen damaged. If any damage has occurred, you may need this part of the content on how to replace the Sony Xperia Z3 screen. Of course, if you want to change screen, other parts, and batteries as the same steps.

1.Preparation tools:

You need a Phillips screwdriver,a crowbar, screen glue, white paper, tape, hot air gun.

2. Remove the back cover

Shut down and remove all memory cards, SIM cards, and SIM card trays.

Then use a hot air gun along the 4 sides of the back cover, blowing for about 2 minutes until your hand feel shot.

Use a crowbar to insert from the loose side, lift the back cover, and use a plastic crowbar insert (to avoid damaged the middle frame), and slowly lift the back cover along the 4 corners of the back cover.

3. Draw the screw position map and remove the parts

Draw the position map of the screw and avoid the screw does not correspond to the corresponding position.

1) First remove the battery,there is glue under the battery, be patient when disassembling, you can use the hair dryer to heat properly, but not overheat. Use a crowbar from the side of the battery and lift the battery slowly.


2) Remove all the cable socket.

3) Remove the 4 screws.

4) Take the antenna, remove the upper and lower boards, and remove the motherboard.

When the motherboard is removed,pay attention to a few sockets. The crowbar starts to lift the motherboard from the left side, paying attention to cable connector.

5) Disassemble the camera, remove the 3.5 MM headphone port, LED light, earpiece, small part on the right side of the earpiece.


6) Remove the small board and remove the upper and lower board connections first.

7) Remove the antenna of the small board.

8) Remove the small board.

9) Remove the metal cover.


4. Remove the screen

The screen is fragile, so the screen needs to be careful.

1) Heat the screen at 4 corners,use plastic crowbar to lift the screen from the loose place. Do not use too much force. It is only about 1 mm from display and corners.


2) After the 4 sides are loose,lift the screen from the top of the screen, disconnect the screen cable, and the cable passes through the middle frame at the bottom of the screen, so be careful not to break the cable, and the screen will be removed.


At this step you can replace your newly Sony screen. You can buy the original Sony Xperia z3 screen at GEMWON online at wholesale price.

5. Reassemble Sony Xperia z3

1) Install the right cable of the screen.

2) Install the metal cover.

3) Install the left cable and install the button support plate.

4) Install the lower plate.

5) Install the lower small plate antenna and encase into the vibrator.

6) Install the connection of upper and lower small board.

7) Install the headphone jack and apply a tape to enhance the package effect.

8) Install the LED light, the earpiece, and apply a ape on the earpiece. The more closed it is, the more the effect will be.

9) Mounting the camera.

10) Install the motherboard and fasten the cable to the motherboard.

11) Connect the battery again and test if the phone is turned on normally.

12) If it can be turned on normally,start to install the upper 3 antennas.

13) Install screw and battery.

14) Clean the four sides of the back cover and the middle frame.

The above is about how to fix Sony Xperia touch screen, I hope to help you. For more troubleshooting about Sony, please visit the GEMWON blog. If you need to buy mobile phone repair accessories, then GEMWON online store is your best choice.

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How to Fix Siri not Working on iPhone

You may encounter problems with iPhone Siri: Siri does not respond to your iPhone/iPad, hey Siri or Siri Dictation does not work. We will provide some solutions for Siri not working on iPhone X, iPhone 8 or 8 plus.


1. Restart Siri on iPhone

Settings > General > Click Siri > Switch it to Off and turn it on again.

Enable Hey Siri: Make sure the Hey Siri option is enabled: Settings >General > Siri > Allow Hey Siri.

2. Siri not working without internet

Siri requires an Internet connection, Siri doesn't respond to voice when iPhone without connect to the network.

How to reset Network:

Go to Settings Apps > General > Click Reset > click Reset Network Settings > Enter your password > click Reset Network Settings to confirm.

After reset, all saved Wi-Fi passwords will be deleted.

3.Switch On/Off Dictation

Settings > General > Keyboard Tap "Enable Dictation" to confirm.When turning off, tap Turn Off Dictation to confirm.


4. Make sure the iPhone microphone is working

If the iPhone microphone not working, Siri doesn't hear you. So, what to do if Siri doesn't hear you? You can choose a third-party chat app to use voice input to test if the microphone is working properly and to confirm that the microphone is not disabled.


5. Update iOS to the latest version:

Check for software updates to the latest version.

How to update IOS:

Plug your device into power and connect to the Internet.

Tap Settings > General > Software Update.

Tap Download and Install.

To update now, tap Install.

If asked, enter your passcode.

6. Siri not working with WhatsApp

If Siri is not use on your app, for example WhatsApp Siri not working.

Make sure your app enabled Siri support: Settings > Siri > App Support > Enable Siri. Also, try removing WhatsApp and reinstalling it on your iPhone. This operation has also been applied to another app such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Siri not working.


7. Force Restart iPhone/iPad

For many software problems that cannot be solved, you can try to restart. If it is valid, it is likely to be a program conflict generated by along running system.

For iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus users: Press and release Volume up first and then Volume down button, after that, long hold the Side button until the screen turns off and then shows initial Apple logo screen.

For iPhone 7/7 Plus users: Press and hold the Volume down and Sleep/Wake button together until the device restarts.

For iPhone 6/6s or earlier, iPad users: Press and hold the Power button with Sleep/Wake button until your see the Apple logo screen.

8. Confirm that the restrictions are not turned on

If you can't turn on Siri on your iOS, make sure that you haven't disabled Siri in Restrictions.

go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions> Allowed Apps and make sure that Siri & Dictation isn't turned off.


9. Set the Siri recognition language correctly

Go to Settings > General > Siri > Language on your iPhone, and then pick the correct language


10. Turn Off Low Power Mode

Hey Siri won't work if the low power mode is on.

go to Settings > Battery. You can also turn Low Power Mode on and off from Control Centre.

11. Why does hey Siri not work when playing music

"Hey Siri" does not respond while playing music, you can also try to be nearer the microphone if the music is playing louder.

Maybe when you're playing music Siri can't answer two voice. You should pause the music or speak Siri with a louder volume to make sure your request is clear and precise.

12.Restore your iPhone to factory settings

If all else failed to fix the problem and Hey Siri is still not working on your iPhone, then you may continue to troubleshoot the software with a factory reset.

1) Tap Settings from the Home screen.

2) Tap General.

3) Tap Reset.

4) Select the option to Erase all content and settings.

If prompted, tap the option to confirm factory reset.


The above method can also be used for hey Siri not working after iOS 12 update. You only need to follow the troubleshooting list until the problem is solved.

If you have more questions about iPhone Siri not available, please feel free to leave a message at GEMWON Blog. For more iPhone parts replacement you can refer to GEMWON PHONE Mall.

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How to Fix iPhone Screen from Dimming

My iPhone 6 screen became very dim to a point that, I have view the screen with a touch light, what would cause that and how can I fix it.

There is a question that screen dimming in the iPhone forum. You need to these tricks and tips to stop iPhone 6 screen from dimming.


There are different settings that can change the brightness of the iPhone display. Here's the iPhone screen keeps dimming due to software issues.

1. Hard restart iPhone

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons more ten seconds. After that you can see the Apple logo and can release the buttons.

2. Adjust Brightness

Settings → Tap on Display& Brightness.

If Auto –Brightness is "On" then turn the to "Off".


3. Ambient Light Sensor

Open Settings - General -Click Accessibility.

Find the "display adjustment" in the accessibility to check if it is turned on, and click to enter the setting.


An iPhone dim screen problem can occur due to the failure of the ambient light sensor.

How to test ambient light sensor:

The ambient light sensor does not work when you lock or unlock the iPhone screen. So, try to lock/unlock the iPhone and find the reason. Another problem may be that the iPhone case or dust may not work properly. Therefore, remove the case from the iPhone and clean it.

4.iPhone screen dim after replacement

After the iPhone screen replacement, it will reset the brightness of the iPhone screen. So, you need to reset the iPhone brightness.

Some accessibility settings also cause this issue. This may be a software issue, usually after the iOS update, the iPhone screen filter does not allow standard brightness

How to adjust the brightness on your iPhone:

Go to Settings > General> Accessibility > Zoom > and disable zoom.

5. iPhone display dims when hot

If the iPhone screen becomes dark or even black suddenly, it may be caused by the temperature of the mobile hot.

You should not use the device and find some methods to cool down.

You can turn off the application and stop playing games, or shut down the iPhone and put it in a cool place to cool down.

6. Screen dims when plugged iPhone 6

Plug the iPhone into a wall outlet using the original charging cable and AC adapter to ensure the iPhone is fully charged. If the iPhone battery is running out, the iPhone screen may dim to the point that you are not able to see the screen.

When the iPhone starts charging, the screen should light up:

1) Do not use your mobile phone for awhile, wait for the temperature to drop.

2) Turn the phone's night mode off and restore brightness.

3) Plug the phone into the charger and wait for charging to resume.

4) Enter the "general settings" and turn off the zoom in the assist function.

7. Reset iPhone

How to Reset All Settings

If you haven't fixed iPhone screen getting dimmer, reset your device.

Launch Settings→General → tap on Reset → Reset All Settings → Confirm.


8. iPhone screen replacement

If you have done all the above, you still can't solve the iPhone screen dark but brightness is up,then you need to change the iPhone screen to solve this problem. This operation also applies to the iPhone screen dark on one side.

A high-quality screen replacement:

Are the LCD units you are using apple original or 3rd party replacements? Backlight circuit troubleshooting needed. The cheap screens have an exposed backlight solder joint on the flex. I think you need to buy a high quality original replaced screen for iPhone.

Check the circuitry of iPhone:

Before reassembling, check the iPhone's circuit for signs of damage, especially the micro ribbon connector. Burnout connections from the screen components to the motherboard can result in dimming.

Replace the backlight circuit with a backlight circuit on the old screen. This will solve the problem temporarily.

Check the component installation:

If the Apple logo screen has normal brightness compared to a dimmer screen, the problem is with the light sensor. Remove and install the camera, speakers, and light sensor properly to fix it.

iPhone screen is dimmer and can't adjust screen brightness. At the apple logo interface, you can also see it darker than usual.

The reason why the iPhone is too dark may be that the screen is damaged. If you have recently dropped the iPhone to the floor or damaged by water, you need to replace the LCD screen.

How to replace iPhone 6/plus screen:

1. Remove the 2 screws on the bottom of the phone. Use a heat gun to heat the edges of the phone.

2. Open the screen after the screw is loosened.


3. After opening the screen, you will see the battery, the separated screen and the body of the phone.


4. Remove the LCD cable, touch cable, fingerprint cable, and front camera handset cable at the top of the screen.


5. Remove the Isolation cover on the LCD screen, disconnect the fingerprint cable, and remove the home button.


6. Remove the front camera and earpiece cable. Ready to replace the new iPhone 6 Plus screen.


Pay attention to the order of touch screen,display, camera cable, after the home button cable is disconnected and then remove the cable connecting the screen.

When close the screen,buckle the upper and lower first, and finally close the two sides.

Although iPhone are expensive, but the price of accessories is not expensive, especially the price of the iPhone screen, you can buy the iPhone 6 display complete below $9.44 in GEMWON Mall.

The Bottom Line:

If the iPhone screen very dim but working after trying all the above, the best way is to take the iPhone to the Apple Store for repair.

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How to Fix echo on Samsung Galaxy s8

When I make a phone call the other person hears me fine, but i hear an echo on my Samsung Galaxy s8 when I talk. How do I stop the echo on my phone? This article helps you to reduce or solve the Samsung galaxy s8 echo problem.


Part 1: What causes an echo on the phone

1. Design of the mobile phone cause echo when talking on phone

For example, the sound of the earpiece of some mobile phones is too loud, and the sensitivity of the microphone is too high, causing the sound to be returned and causing echo on mobile phone.


To test whether your phone is echoing for this reason, the best way is to talk on the headset. If there is no echo when using the headset, the echo is generated from the defective phone design.

2. The network causes an echo on the phone

This is mainly because the transmission of electromagnetic waves reaches your mobile phone in a variety of ways, including various reflected or relayed signals. Since the first path arrives at the strongest signal, the phone will process the priority signal.For the delayed signal that reaches the mobile phone through other paths, the mobile phone will be eliminated by a certain algorithm.

However, sometimes the path of reflection is more, the signal is stronger, and the mobile phone is difficult to eliminate by a fixed algorithm, thus forming echoes in voice calls.


If the echo can be successfully eliminated by changing the position of the call during the call, it means that the original multi path route is changed. So, the echo is generated from the network instead of the mobile phone design.

Part 2: How to fix echo on Samsung galaxy s8

You can try the following steps:

1. Restart your phone

2. Test in safe mode to eliminate third-party applications

If you have discovered that the Samsung s8 will make a echo when calling recently, it is recommended that you enter the safe mode and then uninstall the installed software recently that may cause a sound problem.

3. Clear your app cache

Clear the application cache by some programs that may affect the sound input and output.

4. Clear the cache partition

1) Turn off the phone, press and hold the "volume up" button + "Bixby" button + "power button" to enter recovery mode.

2) Use the volume up and down keys to move the power button to confirm, select "wipe data/factory" reset to confirm.


3) Move the cursor to "yes" to start clearing

4) After the completion of the cleaning, return to the home page of recovery and continue to select the "wipe cache partition".

5) Move to "yes" again to confirm and start clearing the partition.

After the all items are cleared,return to the recovery home page and select reboot and restart your phone.

5.Restoring Samsung s8 to factory settings

1) Hold the Volume up, Bixby, and Power buttons at the same time, and keep them held down until you see the Samsung logo.

2) After 30 seconds, you should seethe Recovery Menu. If your phone boots up as normal, try repeating the previous two steps.

3) Use the Volume down button to choose appear Wipe data/Factory reset.

4) Select "Yes" — delete all user data. Select it using the Power button.

5) Once the factory reset is complete,press the Power button and select reboot the phone now.

Part 3: Other ways to fix Echo hardware issues

If your phone produces an echo, try the following:

1) If you are using a smartphone,disable any noise related settings in the call settings.

2) Try removing the case of your phone.

3) Put your SIM card on another phone and try to call to confirm if the SIM is damaged.

The above summarizes some of the ways to cell phone echo problem how to fix. There may be many reasons for this problem. If you can't find a solution, then you send the phone to Samsung after-sales technician for repair.

For more phone repair parts, you can buy in GEMWON Mall, Samsung phone screen, screen cable, battery and so on.

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How to Jailbreak an iPhone or iPad

If you need to get some special features on the iPhone, then you may need to jailbreak an iPhone. This article gives you some solutions for how to jailbreak iPhone without losing data and note on the jailbreak of Apple devices.

Part 1: What is jailbreak iPhone benefits

1.1 Apple jailbreak is mainly to crack the ISO to write the user's storage permission,which enables iPhone users to use a lot of software for free.

1.2 Improve Siri Performance

a. After the jailbreak, the Siri can have more functions, such as the ability to control the restart and shutdown of the phone through sound.

b. Install a custom theme

After Apple jailbreak, we can install more theme desktops. A beautiful theme desktop can make us feel better.

c. Visit the Cydia store

There is many good software in the Cydia store that can't be accepted by Apple's mobile phone. After we jailbreak through the mobile phone, users can install more software on Cydia at any time. There are many useful, very cool,beautifully designed apps, themes, and more.


d.Caller ID function

The Apple phone after the ios 8 system has a caller ID, and the Apple phone before the iOS 8 system can only be realized after jailbreak. After the Apple phone is jailbroken, we can also install a special plugin to prevent call harassment.

Disadvantages of jailbreaking iPhone:

a. After iPhone jailbreak, the power consumption of the mobile phone may increase by 10% to 20%, because iPhone has a lot of software run in the background after jailbreak.

b. The system may become unsafe after jailbreak, because if the user does not change the password with the highest authority in time after jailbreak, it is likely to be intruded and get private information.

C. You cannot upgrade the latest iOS.

Part 2: Tips for iPhone Jailbreak

1.Backup data

After we have jailbreak from iPhone, it is best to use iTunes or iCloud to back up mobile phone data in case data loss.

2.Close the phone program

Using the jailbreak while the iPhone password and other programs are open may cause some problems during the jailbreak process. We can temporarily turn off the screen password lock, close the iCloud to find my iPhone, and turn off the mobile phone WIFI.

Part 3: How to jailbreak iPhone

3.1 How to use Electra to jailbreak IOS11.2-11.3.1

1) Download Electra1141.ipa from the official website:

2) Plug your Apple device into your computer and launch Cydia Impactor.

3) Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer with an MFi-certified Lightning cable.

4) Click and drag the Electra1131.ipa file over the Cydia Impactor window.


5) Enteryour Apple ID when prompted.


6) Cydia Impactor will install the Electra jailbreak app on your device

7) Once the app is on your device, go to Settings > General >Profiles and Device Management > [YOUR APPLE ID] and click the Trust button


8) Click on the home screen to launch Electra and start the jailbreak process.

9) After restarting, you should find Cydia on the home screen. This means that you have successfully jailbreak your iOS 11.2-11.3.1 device.

10) If you don't see Cydia after using the Electra1131 jailbreak, restart the Electra jailbreak app and keep trying.

The above method is also applied to jailbreak for iOS 11.0-11.1.2, iOS 11.4-11.4.1 iPhone.

Part 4: 3 Ways for How to restore your iPhone after jailbreak to Factory Settings

Before you need to restore your iPhone to factory settings in jailbreaking state, you need to back up all your files via iTunes or iCloud. All the methods listed below will erase your device and data and restore it to factory settings.

4.1 Restore the iPhone through the Cydia app

1) If you want to restore the factory settings, open Cydia and click the magnifying glass icon in the bottom right. Enter "semirestore11 / rollectra" on the search bar and select it from the resulting list of results.

2) Click "Edit" in the top right corner of "Details" to start the installation.


3) When you're done, click "Restart Springboard."

4) After the device reboots, enter flight mode and open Rollectra.

5) Just click on "Unjailbreak" and then click on "Erase All" on the prompt to delete your iphone jailbreak.

The app will now continue to reset your device and then wait to complete.

4.2 How to remove jailbreak using iTunes

Restoring the iPhone with iTunes is the easiest way to remove jailbreaks.

1) Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes if it doesn't open automatically.

2) Once the device is successfully connected to iTunes, click the iPhone icon in the top left corner to go to the device's "summary" page.

3) Now click the "Restore iPhone" button in the "Summary" tab and follow the prompts that appear. so just wait for the process to complete.

4.3 Remove jailbreak without computer via DFU

Restoring the iPhone to a non-jailbreak state using the regular iTunes described above is not necessarily effective, and sometimes your device cannot be recovered due to various program errors.

Therefore,you can also try the recovery mode or DFU mode to restore the jailbroken phone to the factory settings.

Part 5: How to update iPhone after jailbreak

If you have an iPhone that is jailbroken under the IOS 11 system, then your iPhone will not be upgraded to IOS 12. Because OTA is disabled on the jailbroken iPhone, you don't have the right to update any jailbroken iPhone through OTA.

But you really want to use the latest IOS 12, this part will discuss how to update jailbroken iPhone to iOS 12.

Ready to work:

iPhone data must be backed up, and you can easily back up your iPhone with apps like iCloud and iTunes.

Use third-party software to updates:

You can find some software for the jailbreak iPhone to update system in the app store,you only need to pay some money to buy and follow the instructions.

Update jailbroken iPhone with iTunes:

It is very common to use the iTunes app to update jailbreak iPhone. So, here are some details about the it.

Step 1:You need to make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Step 2:Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.

Step 3:A message will tell you that the latest iOS 12 is available.

Step 4:Just click "Download and Update".

Step 5:If iTunes cannot display the message, you must click the Device icon at the top and go to "Summary".

Step 6: Click "Check for Updates" and follow the instructions and install.


If you follow the guide correctly, you will be able to use the new iOS 12 on your jailbroken phone.

The Bottom Line:

This article describes the methods and precautions of jailbreak iPhone with a computer, the risk of jailbreak is strait, the worst case may cause the iPhone stuck on black and won't turn on. For more questions about your iPhone, you can find Phone Technology and Repair Tutorials on the GEMWON blog.

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How to Fix iPad Screen Flickering Vertical Lines

MY husband’s iPad has flickering lines across the screen.I bought it in December 2015 and he rarely uses it. On a white screen they' re black and on black they're white. I have reset it. Rebooted it and turned the brightness up and auto off.

You are at the right place now. This problem can be caused by the malfunction of a hardware component, unexpected dropping, modifications to the operating system, or errors of the iOS. You can now solve the issue with the three parts below.


1. Restart your iPad or force a reboot

If this does not work, please restore iPad to factory settings.

How to Hard Restart iPad:

Press the Home button and the Sleep / Wake button for at least ten seconds until you see the Apple logo appear.

After the iPad restarts, you can check again if iPad screen flickering vertical lines.

2. Why are vertical lines appearing on iPad screen

iPad screen has water damaged or dropped may cause iPad display vertical lines.

You can view the iPad external glass, LCD screen, etc. If the external glass breaks; the internal LCD screen may also be damaged.

Generally,if there are colored lines through iPad screen, it is a malfunction on the hardware. There is also a small probability that the problem may be caused by the application.


For example, vertical lines showing only with iPad camera screen. This is most likely caused by a program. It is recommended that you uninstall the third-party camera program or clear the camera cache.

Check the related hardware cause the iPad screen flickering on and off:

2.1 Check the connection between flexible cable and logic board

First,the screen cable and logic board connections.

If you find dust then clean it with a brush or a little alcohol immediately. If any connection is damaged or the flexible band is bent 90 degrees, it needs to be replaced.

If you check all the options, the next step is to connect the cable to the motherboard and make sure it is connected correctly. Most importantly, do not bend the cable during testing or installation.

2.2 Remove static charge

Poor connection may also be the cause by electrostatic charging. In many cases, when there is a blue line on your iPad screen, a bad connection will occur. It is necessary to use anti-static repair tools when disassembling.

2.3 Check if the screen IC is damaged

Damage to the IC port may also be the cause of the red and blue lines appear on iPad screen.

IC damage can be found by examining the top and left edges of the cable. If the IC is damaged, it must be replaced.

3. How to replace the iPad LCD screen

You must check the root cause of the iPad screen flickering on and off.

The iPad screen may be damaged or not connected properly.

After installing the screen, vertical lines appearing on LCD screen, the fault is with the poor connection made by the ribbon cable. Currently, you need to reinstall the screen.

If dropped iPad screen has lines, you need to replace it.

iPad mini2 as an example for replace the iPad LCD screen:

Preparation tools:

hot guns, crowbar, suction cups, screwdrivers.

1.Heat the screen border with a heat gun

The iPad's screen and body are glued through the frame. We first use a heat gun(which can also use a household hair dryer) to heat the side border of the screen to reduce the stickiness of the border glue.

2.The suction cup lifts the screen border

Then use the suction cup tool to pick up a gap in the screen until the gap is large enough to fit into a crowbar. Next, use the crowbar to expand the gap to prepare for the final opening of the screen.

3.Use crowbars to widen the gap between the screen

Use crowbars to widen the gap between the screen and ensure that the previous gap is not closed until the screen is completely degummed and the screen frame is completely degummed.

Next, we can pick up the screen from the top of the body, and be careful that the cable of bottom and motherboard connections are not broken.


4. Remove the 4 screws of the LCD display internal screen


5.Remove the 7 screws on the Isolation aluminum plate.

6.Remove the isolation aluminum plate and remove the 3 screws on the crimping boards.


7.After seeing the cable, first disconnect the battery cable interface, then remove the internal screen and the external screen socket.

When installing, the opposite is true. The external screen should be installed first, then the internal screen socket should be installed, and finally should be the battery port.

8.Remove the old glue on the perimeter of the outer screen, and attach a new tape around the frame.

Leave no gaps to prevent dust from entering in the future.

Carefully wipe the touch screen dust, fingerprints, etc. with a cloth.

Install the screen back into the iPad, then install the internal screen and insert the battery.

Install the crimping plate, isolate the aluminum plate, and fix the screws on the inside screen.

Turn on and test if there are still vertical lines after iPad screen replacement. Then just reinstall the new screen in the order of disassembly and re-glue the screen frame, thus completing the iPad 2 screen replacement.

The Bottom Line:

The reasons and the solution to fix iPad lines across screen have been found. Here is more troubleshooting about iPad. In addition to the iPad screen, the battery more iPad repair parts you can find at GEMWON.

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How to Fix iPhone 6 Battery Draining Fast

"I purchased my iPhone 6s in September 2016 and the battery has been pretty good so far. Last night I went to sleep with the phone around 50%charge, and woke up to it on 7%!”

In this article, we will show you how to fix iPhone 6 battery drops suddenly.


Part 1: How to Fix iPhone 6 Battery Drain after iOS 12

If you recently updated to iOS 12, you may want to why is my phone battery dying so fast. iOS 12 offers a range of tips to save battery life.

1.1 Navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

If you find that an app is running out of battery life, you can take the following steps to improve your iOS 12 battery:

1) Turn down the screen brightness in Settings > Display& Brightness.

2) Turn off Push Notifications (per application) in Settings> Notifications.

3) Turn off location services in Settings > Privacy.

4) Turn off Bluetooth in Settings > Bluetooth or by clicking the Bluetooth icon in the control panel.

5) Turn off background application refresh in Settings> General > Background App Refresh.

6) Go to Settings > Battery and check the list of applications that have consumed the most power in the past to turn off these applications and reduce iPad power consumption.

7) Open the Settings > Battery > low power mode.

1.2 Your iPhone will suggest changing some settings to save battery life.

Open the Settings -click on the battery.

Under "Insights & Suggestions," your iPhone will suggest changes to settings that extend battery life.

You can tap each suggestion to jump to the setting you need to change. Or, if you don't want to make changes,at least you should know why iPhone battery dies quickly.

1.3 All iPhone have the "Raise to Wake" feature enabled by default (iOS 10.3 or higher).

Especially if you often pick up your iPhone or walk with it in your hand. It always opens your iPhone screen that will drain iphone 6 battery.

How to turn off Raise to Wake on iPhone:

Open the settings>Tap Display & Brightness and tap the button near Raise to Wake to disable the feature.

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone 6 battery draining fast all of a sudden 2019

2.1 Turn off Cellular Data, WIFI, positioning

Going out and navigation and positioning, is the most Power consumption for phone. Turn off these features in time to use "Do not disturb" and Power saving mode at night to extend battery life.

2.2 iPhone 6s hardware damage.

The iPhone 6s may experience hardware damage during use, but the hardware is difficult to find without being tested.

For example, the charge port of the iPhone 6s or the Wi-Fi antenna are broken, they may cause iPhone battery draining even when charging.

2.3 Software that consumes a lot of power

Video and games, as well as loud music playback, are very power-hungry behaviours. Reduce the frequency of use of high-power software without enough battery power.

2.4 Background software

The phone has many automatically launched software. Even if you don't use it, the program will continue to run in the background and consume mobile phone battery.

It is recommended to close the background program and cancel the self-starting.

2.5 iPhone battery damage

Problems with the iPhone battery suddenly draining when not in use and battery damage can occur if the battery is not durable. The best way is to replace the iPhone battery.

You can buy a battery that matches your iPhone in many online stores. I still recommend buying it at

GEMWON provides battery repair accessories such as batteries, screens, charger ports, etc., for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, etc.

Part 3: How to Repair iPhone Battery Life

iPhone 6s battery replacement as an example

1. Turn off the phone before replacing the battery.

2. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the two screws at the bottom.

3. Place the suction cup over the home button.


4. The suction cup opens the gap of screen and uses the pry tool to cut the screen along the edge.


5. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the captive screws on the display connector cover. Note that the screen should not be opened more than 90°, otherwise the cable will be broken.


6. Using a crowbar, pry open the cable (be careful not to use force) and separate the screen from the body.


7. Use a screwdriver to disassemble the iPhone battery clip and pull out the double-sided adhesive that bonds the battery from the low end of the battery. Take care to pull out carefully, don't break.


8. Replace witha new battery. Install the iPhone battery clip with a screwdriver.


9. Install the screen and press the cable gently with your hand to install the cable.


10. Use a screwdriver to install the iron piece for fixing the cable.


11. Install the screen and screws.


Replace the new battery and you will feel your iPhone 6s is like a new phone.

According to the method provided above, you can extend the battery life as much as possible when iPhone 6 battery drops fast until you find the charger to charge the phone.

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