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How to Use iOS Update Dark Mode

With the release of the IOS13, the iOS 13 update dark mode has attracted many people's attention. What applications can be supported in dark mode and how to turn on the dark mode?


Dark mode supports all Apple devices,including the apps that come with iPhone and iPad. At the same time, if third-party applications follow Apple's development principles, this model can also be supported.

How to manually enable Dark Mode in iOS 13?

iPhone X series: slide down from the upper right corner, pull down the control center, and long press [Display and Brightness].

iPhone 8/8P and Other iPhone series: slide up from the bottom, pull out the control center, and long press [Display and Brightness].


1. Enter "Settings", then select "Display and Brightness" to find the [Dark Mode], just check it. You can also slide up from the bottom to the control center, long press the brightness slider, and then press the icon in the lower left corner to switch.

2. iOS13 also supports automatic dark mode. You can choose to automatically enable the dark mode from sunset to sunrise, or set a custom schedule and select a specific time to enable a dark or bright appearance.

3. Dark mode also adds new options for wallpapers in iOS 13. After enabling dark mode, you can choose to automatically dim the theme wallpaper, which means that IOS will automatically darken the wallpaper to match the dark mode interface UI.

The dark mode of iOS13 has "delicate texture" instead of pure black.

The Benefits of Dark Mode IOS 13

The iOS 13 dark mode provides a new color scheme for iOS and APP, which is very suitable for use in dim environments and less damage to the eyes. It supports manual turn on, click the shortcut switch in the control center to quickly turn on/off the dark mode.

And iOS 13 dark mode supports user customization, users can set a specific time to turn dark mode on or off Whether you are using Mail, Books or Safari, the text will be displayed as white on a black background, making it easy to read in the dark.


It is worth mentioning that the new iOS 13 wallpaper is also optimized for dark mode. The API allows developers to use dark mode in third-party apps. iOS can make third-party apps use black themes, which is the biggest advantage of iOS 13.

Does Dark Mode Saves Battery Life?

Using dark mode usually also extends the battery life of the iPhone because it requires less power to light the screen.

Test the power consumption of the same model in normal mode and dark mode.

After five hours and ten minutes of testing, the iPhone 7 has a remaining power of 23%, but 25% in dark mode, and 0% of iPhone X in normal mode, and 74% in dark mode.

We already know that the dark mode is mainly for OLED screens. (The iPhone X using the OLED screen consumes very little power in the dark mode). So, the iPhone 7 test results show that the power consumption is basically the same in normal mode and dark mode.


Dark mode will greatly increase the battery life of iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max. The battery life problem has always been the biggest pain point of iPhone. If you have iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max, you should not refuse the dark mode in iOS 13 that protect your eyes and saves battery.


Dark mode is one of many new features in iOS 13. We provide a guide about benefits of dark mode iOS 13 to help you make the most of the updates and the hidden features we have mentioned.

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How to Reset iPhone without Password

The most terrible thing is the factory reset, which completely eliminates the information we store on the iphone. Maybe we have to pick up an iPhone that has not been used for a long time, but forget the password. How do I reset an iphone without password?


Why reset a phone without a password?

After buying a used iPhone

Forgot iPhone passcode

iPhone / iPad is disabled

The method for resetting the iPhone described in this article is applicable to all iPhone, including iPhone X.

Method 1: Reset iPhone without password via iTunes

If you have used a PC to sync iPhone data to your iTunes account before, the process of unlocking iPhone becomes simple. Using this method can ensure that you will not lose any data when you try to unlock iPhone. In this way, you can simply delete the data on the iPhone and restore it to the previous backup, which is synchronized to your iTunes,the specific process is as follows:

1. Connect your iPhone to the PC.

2. Start iTunes, and if you are asked for a password, try using another synchronized computer.

3. Wait for iTunes to be backed up when syncing with iPhone.

4. Click the "Restore iPhone" option in iTunes, and the backups you made in the past will be displayed. At this point, you only need to select the previous backup to restore to the previous settings and delete the iPhone password.


Method 2: Forgot password reset iPhone by recovery mode

You have neither used iTunes to backup your iPhone data, then you can still use iTunes to reset your iPhone and unlock it without the passcode.

However, this will delete all data on your iPhone.

1. Connect your iPhone to a laptop and force restart.

1.1 If you are using the latest iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, please press the "Volume +" button quickly after restarting, then press the "Decrease Volume" button quickly, and then, hold down the switch button Until recovery mode appears on the iPhone screen.

1.2 On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, hold down the switch button and the "Volume -" button at the same time until the recovery mode appears on the screen.

1.3 For all devices prior to iPhone 6, press and hold the Home and Top / Side buttons simultaneously to start the device in recovery mode.

If you did not enter recovery mode successfully, you need to re-enter recovery mode by repeating step 1.


2. Since your iPhone is connected to your PC, once the phone is booted into the recovery mode, you will see a prompt to restore or update the device on the iTunes application on the PC.

3. In order to unlock your iPhone,click the restore button. At this point, the iTunes software will download the latest version of iOS for your device.

4. The download can take several minutes. Once iOS reinstall has completed, set up the iPhone as a new phone.

your iPhone will install a new IOS, and delete all previous data when restoring. At this point, the iPhone has been restored to the factory settings. If you backed up your iPhone, you can restore your data and settings after restoring your iPhone. If you never backed up your iPhone before you reset it, you won't be able to recovery the data of your iPhone.

Method 3: Reset iphone without password or iTunes

Using iCloud or "Find iPhone" is only available for iPhones with iOS 7 or higher. When you get anew iPhone, please enable the "Find My iPhone" feature and make an iCloud backup. If there are special circumstances, such as lock screen or theft, you can delete all data remotely.

The specific process is as follows:

1. Use the "Find My iPhone"application to remotely delete all contents of the locked iPhone.

2. Enter your "Apple ID" and"Password" and click the "Login" button.

3. Select the device you want to delete.

4. Click Erase [device]. Select Next until the device is erased.

5. Click Remove from Account.

6. Start your iPhone again, and it will ask you to connect to your iCloud account.

7. After logging in to your iCloud account, you can restore the backed-up data from the latest iCloud sync.


For more troubleshooting about iphone,please refer to GEMWON Blog. Here not only provides the most complete tutorials for parts replacement, software conflicts, disassembly and installation, but also replacement parts,touch screen,flex cable, charger for various models of mobile phones at wholesale price.



The above are the 3 ways to unlock iphone without passcode. Because you often change the password, so forget the iPhone password or your naughty child locked your iPhone accidentally, you can now reset iPhone without a password in simple steps.

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Why Can't I Adjust the Brightness Android?

The change in the brightness of your Samsung Android screen depends on the ambient lighting and is called adaptive brightness. In the power saving mode, the screen brightness may change frequently, and the brightness will be affected by the battery power of the phone. If you can't change the brightness of the phone screen, the following is about how to fix android brightness problems?


How to turnoff the adaptive brightness of Samsung Android?

1. Start the setting application.

2. Click "Display".

3. Turn off adaptive brightness by sliding its button to the left.


How to adjust the brightness of Android Phone Screen

Find the phone settings and click to select "Settings".

You can see that the settings are divided into "Common Settings" and"All Settings", we click to select "All Settings".

In the "All Settings", we find the "Display" setting function and click to enter.

In the "Display" settings, we can see the "Brightness" setting option.

A setting box for brightness setting is displayed on the window.

Press and hold your finger to slide the slider on the brightness setting line to the left and right to the screen brightness you want, and then click "OK".


Samsung Galaxy night mode

Night mode will change your bright screen to dim, making your eyes easier at night.

1.Open the "Settings" application.

2.Click "Display".

3.Use the toggle switch to turn on the night mode.

4.Choose to turn it on immediately and set a custom time, or choose to turn it on from sunrise to sunset.

Why is my phone screen so dim?

1. Check if the phone battery is low.

2. Check if the power saving mode or super power saving mode is turned on.

3. It may be that the light sensing function of the mobile phone/tablet is turned on. It is recommended to open the settings-display-brightness-uncheck the automatic source check, and adjust the brightness.

4. See if all interfaces are dimmed. Some applications support night mode. If the screen is darkened only on a certain software interface, it is recommended to check whether the software has set night mode.

5. Check whether the third-party power software is installed.


Can't Change Brightness on your Phone

Restart Mobile Phone

Whenever you encounter phone problems, the first solution is to restart the phone. This simple method is like a first aid method for a smartphone.

Inmost cases, restarting the phone may resolve most phone failures.

To do this, press and hold the phone power button, and then select "Restart". Just wait for the phone to restart.

Free application to adjust phone brightness

1. Screen Filter

Screen Filter is a software that can deeply reduce the brightness of the mobile phone screen. The principle is different from other brightness adjustment methods, it can break through the darkest limit of the screen, and even black screen.Suitable for night games, e-books, browsing the web, etc. to protect your eyes.

2. Screen Dimmer

Dimmer is another excellent Android application on the list that can help you protect your eyes in dark environment. Screen Dimmer It can make your mobile phone screen brightness automatically dimming and automatically turn off the backlight function. What's more impressive about the application is its ability to automatically dim and brighten the screen according to the environment.


Non-program software error

If the android brightness problems exist before the end of the guide, it may be a hardware problem. I recommend that you consult the phone warranty and purchase Android phone parts for repair. In most cases, replacing broken parts with brand new working parts is the only solution. Normally the mobile phone screen brightness adjustment fails, and replacing the display LCD may be the most commonly used solution.

How to Test iPhone Signal Strength

You often travel to many places with mobile phone. You may have experienced in some remote areas, when you use a mobile phone to call, you often find that the signal is poor, or there is no signal at all. How to check the actual signal strength on your phone?


What is signal strength in mobile?

We see on the mobile phone screen that the stepped signal icon corresponds to the mobile phone signal strength, which corresponds to the"dBm" value. dBm is milliwatt decibel, which is a unit of signal strength commonly used in mobile phones. dBm is the power ratio of radio power per milliwatt in decibels. The -60dBm signal is almost perfect, while the-112dBm signal is a bad connection. dBm is calculated by the logarithm, so the dBm displayed on the mobile phone is generally negative number.

Generally speaking, if the dBm value displayed by the mobile phone is between -80 and -50, then the signal is normal. Can achieve basic communication and internet access. If the displayed value is lower than -90dbm, it is likely that there is a problem of being unable to talk.

-40 to -50 signal is near the base station;

The signal between -50 and -60 is very good;

Signals between -60 and -70 are good;

The signal is slightly weaker between -70 and -80;

Weak signal between -80 and -90;

Below -90 is the basic communication status.

In theory, the actual value of the mobile phone signal is the value displayed in the mobile phone system.


How to check mobile phone signal strength?

Most Android phones can check the signal strength of the phone through[Settings]-[About Phone]-[Status or Network] -SIM Card Information, as shown in the image below.


Android can use some third-party applications to evaluate signal strength.

Cellular-Z Android software for signal testing free download:

1. You can search Cellular-Z in APP store and Google Play;

2. Launch the application to view system and network information,including WLAN, cell location, network, network strength, data status, IP,phone type, etc. Mainly check the frequencies FREQUENCY and BAND.


How to test my iPhone signal strength?

We take iPhone XS as an example, the user can enter "*3001#12345#*" in the dial interface, then click the dial button.

Then click the "Serving Cell Meas" interface in the interface that opens.

Check the signal strength values of the "rsrp0" and"rsrp1" primary and secondary cards, respectively.

As shown in the figure below, the signal strength of the rsrp0 primary card of the iPhone XS is -106 dBm, and the signal strength of the secondary card of rsrp1 is -111dBm.


How to improve mobile signal strength?

In fact, the strength of the mobile phone signal is not only related to the mobile phone, but also can be affected by the following factors. First of all, the different positions of the signal transmission towers of different operators will also affect the signal strength. Secondly, the protective frame of the metal material, the iPhone case also affects the strength of the signal.The protective case of this material may become the killer of the mobile phone signal.

1. Use your iPhone in different locations

Observe how the signal changes according to location. If the signal changes periodically between locations, this is the main reason for the weak signal. In some remote or low-lying places, when you have a weak signal, you can better understand which direction you may go to get better coverage.

2. Change network operator

Using different network SIM cards in the same place may show different signal strengths. Selecting the network operator with a strong local signal is the most direct way.

The above is information about test signal strength on iPhone. In the basement or other areas with weak signals, choosing a signal amplifier is a good choice to enhance the mobile phone signal. GEMWON products also have accessories for iPhone and WIFI signal amplifier. If you need, you can contact us to buy popular electronic.

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iPhone x Cracked Screen Repair

When i received second hand iphone x there were loads of scratches on the front screen and a few cracks. as you all probably know too is that iphone x screen replacements are pretty expensive because its been discontinued by apple so I’m trying to look for a way to hide the scratches.

How to do if iPhone X cracked screen replacement? Before buying a new screen to replace the broken screen, we need to confirm which part of the screen is broken in order to purchase the right accessories.


Part 1: iPhone x internal screen or external screen is damaged?

The screens of iphone and Android phones are divided into two layers, the internal screen is responsible for display, and the external screen is responsible for touch. If the screen is not responding after the screen is damaged, but the screen display is no problem,it means that the touch screen (Digitizer) of the phone is broken.

If the iphone front panel glass is sunken, a cracked iphone screen can cause cracks to widen. The phone's internal screen surface will also be scratched, so it is recommended that you replace the damaged iphone cracked touch glass screen as soon as possible.


Part 2: Screen appearance judges which part of the screen is broken?

If the screen of the iphone is broken, the display image of the iphone is not displayed, large colour blocks are displayed, the water ripple is constantly flashing, and the touch is normal, it means that the LCD screen of iphone is damaged.

If you see some black, yellow, and white spots on the screen, it also indicates a problem on the internal screen. At this time, we need to replace the iPhone screen as soon as possible to prevent cracks from expanding.

If the iphone has a crack on the screen, the iphone touch screen is not working or insensitive, and the mobile phone image display also has large coloured blocks or does not display, which means that both the internal and external screens of the iphone are broken. Then you may need to purchase a screen assembly to replace all the broken parts.

Part 3: iPhone X Teardown and Cracked Screen Repair

Separate iphone and screen:

1. Use a hexagonal screwdriver to unscrew the two hexagonal screws on the bottom of the iphone and remove the sim card holder.

2. After removing the screws, it is a very important step to open the iphone screen. iPhone X will have a circle of black waterproof adhesive to glue the screen and the phone body together. When we dismantle, pay attention to this circle of waterproof glue.

It is recommended to use a hair dryer to slightly heat, first pry a slit from the bottom two corners, and then use a spudger to slowly open the sides and top.

3. After swiping all the way, gently lift the screen from right to left.There are three buckles on the top of the iPhone. When we lift the screen, we open the bottom first, and then pull the screen down slightly to lift the entire screen. Note that you need to lift it from right to left.


4. Slightly slow down when the screen is lifted, there are cables inside. There are five screws with different lengths that need to be unscrewed after being opened. Put them in place and remember the corresponding positions.If the screws are installed in the wrong position, the top of the screen will burst when the screen is closed.


5. After unscrewing all the screws, lift off the gasket below.


6. Below the pad is the cable tie of the screen. Note that there are 3 cables here. The leftmost cable is glued. Let's open the two cables on the right first.

With the leftmost cable, we remove the glue that has stuck a little bit,and then lift the cable again.

Removing two battery cables can prevent functional problems after changing screens.

When the cable is lifted, the iphone is completely separated from the screen.


Replace the camera:

1. Unscrew the 2 screws on the camera with a Phillips screwdriver and place them.

2. Unscrew the camera after unscrewing the screws, take it from both sides, and do not touch the mirror of the camera.

3. After picking up the camera, there is a gasket underneath glued to the mobile phone to be removed. You need to slowly cut the glue from both sides to remove it.


4. Install the camera on the new screen, and place the spacers in the corresponding positions. Then put the camera up again and put it into the alignment position according to the screw hole alignment. Screw on the camera and the camera is installed.

Install screen:

Follow the disassembly steps to install all parts upside down.

1. Fasten the screen cable, and gently buckle the alignment position.Remember to buckle the battery cable.

2. Install the gasket on the screen and tighten the screws. The size of the screws varies. The corresponding screws must be installed in the corresponding positions. After tightening the screws, apply waterproof glue.


3. Perform a simple functional test before tightening the screws.

4. After the screen is fastened, screw in the 2 hexagonal screw at the bottom.

Next you need to test if the new iPhone x screen works. Face ID, light brightness adjustment, original colour display, and 3D touch are the important features.


You can buy the above-mentioned iphone x screen replacement kit and mobile phone screen assembly at GEMWON with wholesale prices.

GEMWON is a wholesale business that has been established for 16 years,focusing on providing high-quality mobile phone and laptop repair parts. Phone screens, batteries, cables,laptop spare keyboards, fans, and screen hinge are our best-selling products.

If you encounter any problems when fixing iphone x cracked screen, you can also comment to me under the article.

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How to Fix iPhone Camera after Water Damage

my issue is that after a phone was water damaged the back camera stopped working. However a week or so later while going through apps that would use the camera it started working for a few days then stopped. Howto Fix an iPhone camera damaged by water?

Liquid damage to the iPhone camera components may be obvious or invisible. Sometimes it turns into tiny bubbles below the screen or corrosion and discoloration inside the charging port.Generally, iPhone front camera water damage manifests as the camera is not working or the display image is blurred. Seriously, there may be short circuit of motherboard and causes damage to other functions or components.


Fix water damaged iPhone camera:

1. Power off.

Turn off the iPhone and remove the case: If you have a case on your phone, remove it immediately because they will trap moisture.

2. Remove the SIM card and the tray.

3. Putting the iPhone in the rice bag can dry the skin and absorb moisture slowly.

Dry the body: Wipe the screen,sides and back with a soft cotton towel.

Pay attention to the power button, volume button, mute switch, speaker, microphone and audio output jack.

Wait for the air to dry naturally, open the sealed bag with rice, put the phone in, and wait for 24 hours to take out the iPhone. Rice acts as an absorbent, absorbing excess water vapor from the device.

How to remove moisture in iPhone camera lens?

1. Moisture appears on the lens surface: Use a dry eyeglass cloth to wipe the lens in one direction (do not wipe the lens from side to side). This will easily cause scratch on the lens.

2. Moisture appears inside the lens: Let it stand in a windless environment and dry it in the sun. On a rainy day, put the iPhone under a sealed jar indoors, put a pack of desiccant, and the water moisture disappeared after a while.

Do not use a hair dryer for heat drying, as it may cause the damage to the internal components of the iPhone camera caused.


How to protect iPhone camera lens?

iPhone are generally equipped with front and rear cameras. So, considering the protection of the camera, we need to pay attention to some tips in using.

1. Ensure that the camera of the iPhone is clean and clear, and avoid placing the iPhone and sharp metal objects together. For example, if the iPhone is placed in a pocket, then keys or other metal objects should not be placed in the pocket, otherwise the surface of the camera will be scratched.

2. The iPhone camera should be cleaned frequently. The best way is to wipe it regularly with a wet paper towel. If you don't have a wet paper towel, a plain cloth or tissue paper will do.

3. Buy a protector for your iPhone camera. The camera does not direct contact with other objects,ensuring it is clean and safety.


The above is the iPhone water damage camera not working solutions. Try the methods still cannot solve the problem, you can send the iPhone to Apple store for testing. iPhone is not in the warranty, and if you have not Apple Care, you may need to pay £ 79, and maybe overcharged for a replacement any part.


Or use professional mobile phone repair tool. The price of the repair tool kit is under $10.Any user without technical experience can easily disassemble the iPhone, clean the internal components and replace the iPhone parts damaged by water.

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How to Fix Forgot My Apple ID Password iPhone

Every Apple user has an Apple ID to download the application in the Apple store, which is convenient for Apple users to manage their contacts, videos, photos, etc. in the iCloud. If the iPhone is lost, you can log in to the official website with the ID and password, locate the phone, retrieve the information in the phone, and possibly find the phone. But what to do if I forgot my apple id password and email?


1. "Find My iPhone" set password

go to Settings > iCloud. Scroll to the bottom and tap Find My iPhone. If you are logged in, log out, enter your apple id, and click "Forgot iPhone ID or Password." Enter the phone lock screen password, you can enter the new ID password. This sets a new password for the Apple ID.


2. Verify mobile phone to change ID password

Go to Settings > [your name] >Password & Security. Click "Change Password", Enter a trusted phone number, a phone number where you want to receive verification codes for two-factor authentication. And you can set a new ID password.


3. Change Apple ID password on support website

If the mobile phone you are using is not an Apple ID verification phone, you can log in to Apple's support website to log in to the ID page, click "Forgot Apple ID or password", and then follow the on-screen instructions to set a new ID password through the bound mailbox.

4. What to do if you forgot apple id password and email

4.1 Find Apple ID in iTunes

If you have previously purchased an item in the iTunes, you can open iTunes and find your purchase in the library.

Open iTunes,

Tap on an item you purchased. You can find your purchases under "My Music" or "Playlists",

Choose File> Show Info,

Click on the "Files" tab,

The "Purchaser" shows the Apple ID used to purchase the item in parentheses.

4.2 You may have signed in to your Apple ID on one of your devices. View your Apple ID for:

View from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch: Tap Settings> iTunes Store and App Store

-Tap "Settings" "iCloud"

-Tap "Settings" "Messages" "Send & Receive"

-Tap "Settings" "FaceTime"

-Apply "Settings" "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"


4.3 Get Apple ID from Mac or PC

-Select Apple menu> "System Preferences"> "iCloud",

-Open Mail and select"Mail"> "Preferences"> "Account",

-Open Calendar and select"Calendar"> "Preferences"> "Account",

-Open FaceTime and select"FaceTime" "Preferences" "Settings",

-Open Messages and select"Messages" "Preferences" "Accounts".

5. I forgot my apple id password and email

Click here to go to be Apple ID account page, click on the "Forgot Apple ID or password", then click [Find] Apple ID, enter your attempt to retrieve account information.

In the Apple ID account page, click on the "Forgot Apple ID or password."

Find Apple support page, entry Apple ID, and then point back "your Apple ID", then "Go to my Apple ID",

After entering the page, point to retrieve "your Apple ID",

Fill in last name, first name, email address, then the next step, if you replace the e-mail address before, now cannot remember what email address is used, you can also fill in the previous e-mail address, the system will help search Apple ID,

Select the email to verify or answer full security question,

First try to verify the e-mail,

E-mailbox will receive a verification e-mail, open the message, click Reset immediately,

Then enter the new password to complete the password reset.

Tip: If you change the Apple ID information, we recommend that you update your Apple ID on all Apple applications and services "Settings".

Reset Apple ID Security Questions:

After recovering the Apple ID password, if you want to reset the security question, you can modify it on the Apple support page (this operation needs to know at least the answer to a previously set question).

1. You can click "Forgot Apple ID or password" on the Apple ID account page, enter your Apple ID account,click Continue and select "Reset Security Questions."

2. Then enter your Apple ID password as prompted, and then click Continue. You will be asked to answer a previously set question.

3. After answering, you can reset the security question.

4. After you recover your Apple ID account and password, or change your security question, please remember this information.


The above methods about how do I reset apple id password on iPhone cannot help you, you can contact the Apple Store near you. In many cases they may help you regain access. Or if you have more troubleshooting on the iPhone, please leave a message in the comments. We are is a professional mobile phone spare parts wholesale mall. GEMWON has been providing you with mobile phone repair solutions and iPhone Touch Screen, Touch Glass, Flex Cable and Middle Frame.

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How to Fix iPhone 6 Battery Drain Fast after Replacement

My battery started some months ago draining real quick so i decided to buy a new one and change it myself. But the battery is still draining at the same speed, even on standby. This problem may leave you clueless, this article will help you solve iPhone battery that dies so fast after replacement.


Use original battery

Determine if the newly replaced battery is original. This problem may occur if the iPhone has a third-party battery installed. The battery hardware is incompatible or the battery quality is bad and iPhone overheating after battery replacement may cause the iPhone battery drain fast after replacing the new battery.

You can open [Settings], find[Battery] and click, check [Battery Health], check the current maximum capacity, enter the interface and click Battery Health. Tap anywhere in the list to change it from a percentage display to a breakdown of screen and background used by running applications. Close programs that are draining the iPhone battery.

How to reset iPhone?

If the iPhone battery is in good condition, reset the iPhone first to rule out drain fast caused by the conflict of phone program software.

Try to restore the factory settings.

If you want to keep the information on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, create a backup.

Restore your device to factory settings.

Open iTunes on your installed Mac.

Connect iPhone to your computer.

If a message appears asking for your device password or asking you to "trust this computer," follow the steps that appear on your screen.

Click Restore [Device].

Your computer will then erase the contents of your device and install the latest iOS, iPad OS, or iPod software.

After restoring the factory settings, the iPhone will restart. You can now set it up as a new device.


Damaged or improperly installed batteries

A damaged or improperly installed battery is the root cause of the iPhone battery draining and getting hot.Please caution when installing or removing the iPhone's battery when replacing. Otherwise, you may break the small components on the circuit board near the battery. This can also cause short circuits and battery is damaged. The circuit board may be shorted in water, etc. This short circuit usually generates heat,so check for abnormal heat on the motherboard.

Use original Apple adapter

Make sure you are charging with an original Apple USB adapter. Use the original Apple adapter to charge your iPhone for a few cycles. This may help resolve iPhone battery drain issues. If your iPhone gets hot while charging, it indicates a problem with the charger. Try not to use car chargers, because the car may have unstable voltage during start up or shut down, which may cause rapid loss of battery power.


Avoid iPhone overheating

It is especially important to avoid leaving the device in an environment where the ambient temperature is higher than 35, otherwise the battery capacity may be permanently damaged.

Charging the device in a high temperature environment may further damage the device.When the battery exceeds the recommended temperature, the software may limit charging after the battery reaches 80%. Storage of the battery even in high temperature environments can cause irreparable damage.


Battery life decreases when using the device in very cold environments, but this isonly temporary. When the battery temperature returns to the normal, its performance will return to normal.

Perform iPhone DFU restore

Enter DFU mode to restore iPhone firmware, first turn off the phone, then connect to the computer

Open iTunes now,

After shutting down, press and hold the power button and HOME at the same time for about 10S,

The iPhone can enter DFU mode,

At this time, iTunes will pop up a prompt, you can choose "Update" or "Restore".

Select "Resume", agree to the agreement, it will start downloading the firmware, and automatically enter the recovery mode after the download is complete.


The Bottom Line:

After all the above solutions, if replaced iPhone 6 battery still dying, it is necessary to get after-sales shop to check whether the motherboard has a problem. If there is an Apple store (or an authorized repair shop) to replace your iPhone battery, contact them to tell them about your problem and what you did to resolve it.

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How to Fix iPhone Screen Colors Messed up

There is a question that: My colors is screwed up on screen iPhone x.The colors on the iPhone display screen colors distorted. This article will give you some troubleshooting to solve the colors distortion on iPhone X screen.


How to Fix the iPhone Display Screen Colors Distorted?

Force restart iPhone

This is the first solution to solve such problems. Many software conflicts or program crashes can be solved by restarting.

On iPhone 8/8 Plus or later iPhone X: press and quickly release the Volume Up button, then do the same for the Volume Down button. Follow up by pressing the Side button, and hold until the display suddenly shuts off — about 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.

After the iPhone restarts, the problem should disappear. If the iPhone x screen colour problem persists, try the next step.


Update iOS

Updates for iOS come with bug fixes and performance improvements.Therefore, if you suspect that a software conflict is causing the iPhone screen colour fading, then I suggest you try to update the IOS.

Make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and connected to a charger to keep the iPhone charged.

step 1. Open the Settings on your iPhone → tap General.

Step 2. Now click on "Software Update".

Step 3. If prompted to update the system version.

Close iPhone color filter

iOS lets you filter the colors of your device. Depending on your settings, you can choose filters to enhance the display effect.

step 1. Open the Settings on your iOS device → tap General.

Step 2. Click Accessibility.

Step 3. Next, click on Display Accommodations → click on the color filter.


Step 4. Turn off the switch next to the color filter.


Reset to factory

If the above solution does not solve iPhone screen colors weird, you can reset the device to the factory default. It is to clear all existing settings including Wi-Fi passwords and account details.

Reset all settings on iPhone

step 1. Click Settings → click General.

Step 2. Click Reset → Click to reset all settings.

Step 3. Enter your iPhone passcode → Enter a restricted passcode and confirm.

Enable True Tone

When this feature is enabled, your iPhone display will automatically adapt to the surrounding lightning conditions, making the iPhone screen colors look consistent in different environments. Here's how to enable True Tone on iPhone X:

Go to settings.

Select display and brightness.

Then click the switch next to "True Tone" to enable the feature.


Setting your iPhone screen to short sleep can also help prevent screen aging issues. It is not recommended to set a longer auto-lock time.

To manage this setting, go to the Settings-> Display and Brightness-> Auto-Lock menu and adjust the time of inactivity to turn off the screen faster when the iPhone is idle.

Enable automatic brightness control

To do this, navigate to the Settings> General> Accessibility>Show Accommodation menu and tap to enable the feature.

In addition to automatic locking, you must avoid using high-contrast images. A high-contrast image is an image with a large contrast between dark and light, especially the charge between those afterimages may cause the afterimage portion of the iPhone screen looks weird.


If your iPhone X still displays screen burn-in, green lines, and other weird screen colors, you must consider it due to hardware issues, especially if this has affected your iPhone experience. You can also ask for some other specific suggestions or any advanced workarounds to try.

If your iPhone is still in warranty, then official after-sales repair is the best option. If unfortunately, the product is out of the warranty, then someone with repair experience can consider replacing the iPhone screen self. We can provide with iPhone repair parts you need, including iPhone screen and other flex cables.


The Bottom Line:

The troubleshooting tips in this article will help you resolve all screen issues on your device, including iPhone green screen. I hope we can help you fix iPhone screen weird colors and lines.

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How to Fix Fingerprint Sensor Android

I've got a broken fingerprint sensor and I'm wondering about my options for replacing this. Pixel 2XL Replacing fingerprint sensor: DIY, or? This post teaches you replacing fingerprint sensor phone at lowest price.


1) For DIY repairs. If you have tools and it is convenient to buy accessories, you can try it yourself, it is worth the risk. In case your attempt fails, it may cause more trouble and cell phone damage.

2) Professional maintenance. A professional repair shop usually needs a lot of cost to help you replace fingerprint scanner.

What should smartphone users do when fingerprint sensor not working? We can do some simple test before repairs, which may solve the fingerprint sensor problem or judge the parts that need to be replaced.

What should I do if there is a problem with the Phone fingerprint sensor?

1. Simple home button problems, such as the unsatisfactory response effect: just replace the home button gasket, without replacing the Touch ID part.

2. The Home button module is damaged, such as no response when pressed,broken cable, etc. May need to replace fingerprint module.

3. The Home button is used normally, the Touch ID does not respond, and the fingerprint function is lost. You should find after-sales service.

For example:

The fingerprint is one-to-one corresponding to the processor. After an iPhone with Touch ID is shipped from the factory, the Touch ID information contained in the Home key module is one-to-one corresponding to the A8 processor. It cannot be used after separation. So, when it comes to Touch ID failure, Apple's official after-sale is preferred.

Fingerprint sensor not working after restarting

This is mainly designed for the security of the user's mobile phone. The mobile phone's fingerprint identification system Touch ID does not store the user's fingerprint information, but the fingerprint information is stored in the chip of the mobile phone after being converted into digitization. This part of the chip is protected by encryption. Only your fingerprint and password can be used after activation.

In other words, when your phone restarts, the fingerprint information in Touch ID protected by the chip is isolated and not activated. It must be enabled by a digital password.


Therefore, if the fingerprint identification fails after restarting, you only need to enter your digital password once, and this is also a protection mechanism.

Android update:

There are system bugs or software cause the unrecognized fingerprint

Solution: Upgrade to the latest version of the system. The new version of the system may fix many errors and bugs.

Drag the notification panel down and click the "Settings" icon.

In the settings, click "Software Update".

Click on the "Check for Updates" option and wait for the phone to check for new updates.

If there are new updates, click the "Download Updates Manually" option.


Phone cannot register fingerprints:

1. Home button or finger is not clean

Sometimes, the sweat or dirt on the home button or your finger can affect the sensitivity of fingerprint recognition. It is recommended to check your fingers and Home button for dust, sweat or other dirty ground, and wipe it to solve it.

2. Fingers are not aligned

When using fingerprint recognition, sometimes the position of the finger is not correctly placed / corrected or when the fingerprint placement is very different from the previous one, it is found that this will also affect the sensitivity of the fingerprint recognition to some extent. It is recommended to adjust finger position can solve it.

3. Reset the fingerprint identification settings

If the above methods are excluded and the fingerprint is still insensitive, it is recommended to delete the original fingerprint and re-enter the new fingerprint information.

Android phone add new fingerprint:

1. First open the settings on your phone's home screen.

2. Open the option that the fingerprint and password in the settings.

3. After opening the fingerprint and password, first enter the previously set digital password. For example, if you did not set a password on the phone, you need to set a digital password before you can enter the fingerprint.

4. After entering the password, click Add Fingerprint.

5. Place your finger on the home button and move it again. Repeat this step. Remember to move your finger.


6. Repeatedly put your finger on the home button until the fingerprint entry is completed.

Fingerprint sensor hardware not available: The fingerprint sensor on the phone may have stopped working, which means that the sensor is damaged or an important part used to handle fingerprint scanning is damaged. Finding hardware problems is very troublesome, and hardware problems can only be solved by having your phone repaired.


Last but not least, if you choose DIY repair android fingerprint sensor, then GEMWON can provide you with the repair parts for phone, buy replacement fingerprint sensor for phone and buy all the parts you need for DIY in one stop. All items have a 6-month warranty and a 14-day return policy,while providing you with professional technical services.

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